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A fascinating abstract board game
A fascinating abstract board game

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The Havannah-playing program Lajkonik is now open source.

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I have kept it in the closet for 4.5 years. Today, I finally uploaded my LaTeX package havannah to CTAN:

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A cool holiday gift from TRMPH. Thanks!
TRMPH's Havannah Board ( and Hex Board ( can now export PNG images so that you can directly embed them in blog posts or forums.

Click the "Share image HTML" button to get embeddable HTML code or click the "Share image URL" button to get a direct link to the PNG.

By default, only the last move is highlighted. If you change the last parameter of the image URL from "-1" to "-N", the last N moves will be labelled. See the following example:

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Tony - Lajkonik 1 - 0 
Game played at 3rd Hexx6 tournament, 13 July 2013 in Hilversum 
At move 67 Lajkonik playing white ignored the threat at 68, which gives Tony playing black a small advantage. 

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Another cool gift from TRMPH. Thanks!
Analyze and share Havannah games with this online Havannah Board:

Key features:
* Havannah game importer for littlegolem
* Shareable permalinks
* Board sizes from 4 to 10
* Swap move support
* Reversed move list for fast backtracking

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Thanks to TRMPH for putting these videos on YouTube!
Click the following link to watch the entire playlist of the Havannah Challenge on YouTube (best viewed in 480p):
Human vs Computer Havannah Challenge 2012 - Game #1 - trmph

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Here is yet another way to see the games from the Challenge.
The 2012 Havannah Challenge is over! Christian Freeling beat the bots in seven of the ten games played over five days. Check out all the game records at +Havannah 

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Christian Freeling analysing his game against Lajkonik at tuesday 16 october 2012 after his first loss.

Result of the Havannah Challenge 2012

In 2002 Christian Freeling put out a challenge that Havannah programs would not be able to beat him even once in a ten game match on a base-10 board, in the next ten years. From 15 to 19 October 2012 this 'Man vs Machine' Havannah Challenge took place, against three talented program(mer)s:
Timo Ewalds with Castro
Marcin Ciura with Lajkonik
Richard Lorentz with Wanderer

They won 3 out of 10 so the winning programmers receive a prize of €1000 that came with the challenge.

Castro and Lajkonik both played four games, while Wanderer played two. 
Lajkonik won two games playing black in one, Castro won the last one with white. 
The prize money is split evenly between both their creators. 

The match was played in good spirit - the few technical problems were overcome easily in consultation with all involved. 
And all games were very exciting.

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 Overview of the results of the Havannah Challenge 2012

The rounds and pairing (all times are CET)

1. Monday       15 Oct. 11:00 Lajkonik - Christian Freeling   0 - 1
2. Tuesday      16 Oct. 11:00 Christian Freeling - Lajkonik   0 - 1
3. Tuesday      16 Oct. 13:00 Christian Freeling - Castro     1 - 0
4. Tuesday      16 Oct. 16:00 Christian Freeling - Wanderer 1 - 0
5. Wednesday 17 Oct. 14:00 Castro - Christian Freeling      0 - 1
6. Wednesday 17 Oct. 16:00 Wanderer - Christian Freeling 0 - 1
7. Thursday     18 Oct. 11:00 Christian Freeling - Lajkonik   1 - 0
8. Thursday     18 Oct. 14:00 Christian Freeling - Castro     1 - 0
9. Friday         19 Oct. 11:00 Lajkonik - Christian Freeling   1 - 0
10. Friday        19 Oct. 14:30 Castro - Christian Freeling     1 - 0

The final result:  Christian Freeling - Computer Programs     7 - 3
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