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Wanna see some of the fab art I have been doing lately? Check it out!

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New post on my blog! You can find out about my creativity without screens goal update among other things!

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I posted about blogging awards today on! I am wondering on any other fellow bloggers thoughts??

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News! I have moved my blog to a new URL! Click this link to find out more! My new URL is  . Please change any bookmarks you may have and update any links to me if that is possible. Thanks!

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In my art class at school this term our assignment was to transform a pair of shoes into an artwork with a theme of your choice. I decided to transform my pair of shoes into a floral rainbow jungle for miniature animals. It is one of the most fun assignment...

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What's Up?
I guess I haven't done a What's Up post in a while so if you are curious about what I have been doing lately then you can find out all about it today! 1. I went shopping! This is a rare occasion because where I live you have to travel a fair way to get to a...

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How to get stuff done on the weekend
It's Friday afternoon, you are all pumped for the weekend and all the stuff you can get done in the two whole days you have free from school! You get home and spend the night chillin' with your family, watching movies and eating the leftover food from meals...

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5 Things I Would Do If I Became A Millionaire
1. Build a giant mansion with secret passageways all through it, bookshelves that turn around into secret rooms and wardrobes that open up into a different room. If you have read the awesome spy school series 'Gallagher Girls' by Ally Carter or 'The Lion th...

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Interview with Yma from IceCreamGirls
Hey everyone! Today I have a special treat for you all - an interview with the wonderful Yma from Ice Cream Girls ! Yma is a lovely 13 year old from Belgium!! She loves the colour pink, ice cream, making things, donuts, drawing, spaghetti, chilling with her...

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Tips For Sending Lovely Snail Mail
One of the best things blogging has given me so far is all the new people I have met over the internet. I love being able to chat to people both from Australia and far away places like Belgum. It makes me super happy to have this connection that I would not...
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