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James Strickland
I'm me, the last time I checked...
I'm me, the last time I checked...


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So, I get this laptop from someone at work... they say it won't come on... can I fix it. UMMMM... looks like someone ran over it with a tank... let alone a D630...

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I'm trying to Vectorize this image.

I tried to follow this guide but was unsuccessful:

any help would be appreciated.

A friend of mine is asking me about a security system for their ranch. They want a camera placed about 100 yards away from house in a barn. They want wireless... I'm no camera expert, any advice?

Looking for a solution for a calendar for a small business with 3 secretaries. Not on a domain. Uses Google for email (Google for business).

Need the ability to add a calendar to Outlook that more than one person can view edit in Outlook. We do have a file server.


Anyone use Lanschool? I need help automating setting channel by OU? Maybe using SCCM? Powershell? Anything but doing it 1 by one...

Is there a way to find out the owner of a Facebook page. Need to have an old or inactive page...

Looking for a best practice for pushing a link out to desktop (allusers). link is to network share. Can't seem to get it to work. \\server\fileShare.

I've tried under computer > pref > win settings > shortcuts & users > pref > win settings > shortcuts.

Greetings all! I have some Dell Optiplex 7440 AIO's that will PXE boot, but SCCM will not load. After PXE booting, boot.wim is loaded, SCCM starts, but seems to fail at the Network load. System just reboots.

Does anyone else use this OptiPlex model and have solved this? I'm trying to avoiding imaging with a thumbdrive...

Surface Pro 4 Dual Monitor KVM Switch HELP!

I have a SP4 that I want to setup on a Dual Monitor KVM Switch. I'm on my 2nd purchased dual monitor kvm switch and can't get it to work. PC1 works fine (the desktop). when you switch to PC2, the screen goes on / off... as if it's trying to connect, but not staying on...

Anyone have any experience with this?

Here's what I've done so far. Brand new Dock, brand new KVM, ran updates.

Greeting all: I need help with an iPad. I had a user leave the company and left their iPad. I need the iPad reset, they don't know their password, and I can't do anything without it.

Should I just chunk it in the dumpster? How do you manage iPads on your network? Do you use a company iTunes/iCloud account?

P.S... I hate iEverything.
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