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I'm one of the co-founders of Aviate.  This is our top priority for our team and we are putting in a fix.  If you have further questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.
Mobile and Web Apps have long been known for leaking user information to the internet or via unencrypted plain text files held on devices however normally the information is considered harmless or sever, very rare is it smack bang in the middle where the information being leaked could either be ...
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It's very nice to see such a quick and public reaction, not a lot of other companies would have the balls to communicate so fast.

Keep up the great work and sorry for the little bomb, but sometimes you need to shake someone to make him react!

I wish you the best with the app.
+Paul Montoy-WIlson you might want to share the fix announcement on Google+ as a public post. This story has made the rounds, feel free to tag me and I will share with my followers. 
I know Buzz Launcher asks for permissions similar to what Aviate asks for, just not sure how they handle the data. 
I hope you clear this up quickly and as +Waza_Be said, glad to see you step forward this quickly and address the issue. 
Good luck. 
Nice to see this! I don't wanted to get it this big, also I don't wanted to hurt Aviate or the company. 
Thanks and it's good your approaching it this way but I'll be honest I've uninstalled since this came out, nothing personal :-)
I don't mind you using the data but it's a bit careless :-(
Why was the data not encrypted in the first place? Where you just hoping no one would find out how shoddy your information security plan was?
How about not keeping that data anywhere but the phone in the first place, unless users explicitly opt into sharing it?
I'm not angry but to hyperbeast this all over and gain support of nexus owners with out absolute clarity could be a very fatal error. We are the ones who suggest and insist, we trusted you on the basis that this was an extention of the community. I'm not going anywhere but do address this within the nexus community. Hell leave updates on xda. 
This shouldn't have been a problem in the first place, but at least you've acknowledged it. If you give me a beta code, then all might be forgiven.. +Paul Montoy-WIlson 
+clinton carr I really don't think I have ever seen such an arrogant post on G+, even from the HoloYolo crowd. Contrary to popular opinion, the world does not revolve around Nexus devices and XDA. If you're going to post like this in the future, you should really consider moving beyond the "BlueHead" phase as well, it does nothing for your credibility.
+Drew Sanders What a vile reply. You obviously don't know what you're talking about since the Nexus crowds and XDA crowds are two very different communities. No respectable Nexus user would ever use XDA. 
Let's just all be nice to one another. I'm sure Paul doesn't need a debate on his stream atm. Hate on me but c'mon guys?
Glad to hear it +Paul Montoy-WIlson , I just installed aviate and I'm really enjoying it. I would hate to switch back to my default launcher for such an annoying bug....
What I really would like to know is why you need all these data on your server - not anonymised, but (more or less) in plaintext linked to the user profiles? To have encryption on the communication with the server is the first step, but do you really need all the information about the user on your servers?

I was thinking about using your app, but right now I don't know what makes me more speechless - the idea of having all the data on your server (instead only on my phone where the statistics you want could be computed and - maybe - sent anonymized to you) or that all the data are transmitted without encryption - and; apparently; not secured on your website.
It would be also great additions, when time is right, a space on your website where I (and only I) can see my data and an option to completely erase it.
How about an email to the mailing list explaining what went wrong, why, and what's being done to fix it? So far all the info that's coming out is from 3rd parties, plus this one G+ post from an account that has no previous public posts. Seems like a bad way to show how you communicate with your users. 
Can you create Wether Temperatur in Celsius please?
Ok Sorry i found change for C and F
Der Stromverbrauch ist momentan noch sehr hoch . Denke aber das sich das noch ändern wird
Is there any update on what has been done to fix the problem?
First, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the feedback on the private beta of Aviate thus far.  I also wanted to provide a quick update  to our users concerned with data privacy. On Wednesday last week, we immediately fixed the vulnerability that was flagged by our users, and then pushed a security update to our clients on Thursday.  We know that security for all companies is an ongoing task and we remain committed to ensuring our information is secure, and we encourage the Aviate community to continue providing us with feedback and suggestions relating to the private beta.  We truly appreciate it!
Thank you for the update
Is therwe somewhere a manual?
Thanks for letting me join. My phone is of the Chain now LOL!!!
Thanks Paul,Greatly Appreciated,It is quite Unique,originality is always a wise thing
Agreed,Excellent Launcher,Eventually a liitle more Theming,& Icons ...In Time
Bonjour serait t'il possible de recevoir un code svp sa fait 1 semaine que j'attend merci d'avance
I was invited by my friend.
i entered the code also.
It is stuck in the configuration itself.
"preparing your homescreen.."
Kindly help.I want to use Aviate.
The Best Android Launcher ever It's Fabulous and Cool
+ It's Simple and easy to use :D I Loved it + good work Paul
Weather report is inaccurate. Please fix it. Its showing different location. 
As a Senior user, why not be able to make Icons larger and have no white space...MRT
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