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Sweet feature of Twitter you may not know about: You can download an archive of all your tweets.

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Great stuff
Businesses have data in lots of places - like digital analytics tools and CRM systems. While each of these tools is powerful in their own way, combining the data can lead to better analysis and opportunities to market more effectively to existing and prospective customers. In this hangout we'll discuss some of the ways that you can import CRM data into Google Analytics and make it actionable. We'll also review some case studies to see how others are taking advantage of this powerful integration.


This will be a live Hangout On Air with a Q&A. Ask your questions on the event page, or via the Q&A app to get them answered live.

For agencies in North America (required) we also invite you to join the Google Partners North America community where you can discuss tips and tricks for growing your business and making the most of Google products like AdWords, Analytics and YouTube -

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Many of those commenting on this post say the Google spam team sounds threatening or "aggressive" in this post, but it seems mild to me. There is a wide spectrum of SEO practices from black hat to white. This post is aimed at SEOs who are somewhere in the middle to let them know that, if they keep trying the same tricks, the punishment will be more harsh in the future. I doubt that dedicated black-hat SEOs pay much attention to what Google says here.

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This very cool startup is looking for a CTO or other qualified individual to help with API and web services: Email Joel Meyers for more info.

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Important for marketers. Do this!
New: Specify your social profiles to Google

Have you noticed our new feature in the Knowledge Graph in the past weeks? You can now add your or your company’s social profile information to your Knowledge Graph entry by using structured data markup on your official website!

Currently, you can specify the following social profiles:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google+
- Instagram
- YouTube
- LinkedIn
- Myspace

To learn more about how to implement the structured markup, see our developers' documentation at 

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This free xml sitemap tool is totally easy to use and does a perfectly good job for any site less than 500,000 pages.

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How to track responsive websites using Google Analytics
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