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Today kicks off the Seattle 3-Day for the Cure, which means Atlanta is only four short weeks away! I'm still working toward my minimum fundraising goal and could really use your help! Please consider making today a Five Dollar Friday (or more if you're feeling generous)!

And please spread the word! I need all the help I can get!

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The parents interviewed for this article are on another planet. Well, one of them isn't at least. She thinks it's a good thing they're starting sex ed classes in the 6th grade because "At this age, there's kids that are sexually active and they need sex education to teach them what's right and what's wrong." On the other hand, you have king of the oblivious who doesn't approve of "children as young as eleven being required to take a semester on sex" and that it should be postponed until they're 16+.

For the record, I had sex ed in 4th, 6th, and 9th grade as well as yearly abstinence seminars throughout high school. While those seminars did promote abstinence and didn't tell you how to have safe sex, at least they covered STDs, pregnancy, emotional/financial toll of having a kid and relying on child support that may or may not come through.

Finally, we have the spokesman for the Archdiocese of New York who believes that "parents have the right and responsibility to be the first and primary educators of their children". This is true, but how many parents actually take this step? How many parents say more than just "don't have sex"? Why is it that parents expect their children to learn everything at school, but when it comes to something this important they don't want schools to be part of the learning process. His argument that "Abstinence before marriage is the only sure way to avoid pregnancy and disease" is correct, but saying "the city would be better advised to put its efforts into promoting what truly works rather than continuing to promote a failed experiment" is ridiculous.

Think about it. What has been taught in schools until now? I'm pretty sure the answer is abstinence only education. Although teen pregnancy rates have fallen in recent years, STDs are on the rise, wouldn't it be a more suitable argument to say that abstinence only education is the failed experiment?

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I'm pretty much in love with this.

An interesting start to the 3-Day season: Day 1 Route closed early due to extreme heat! Hoping Boston cools off by tomorrow so the Walkers and Crew can get back to doing what they do best!
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