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Ellie Stafford
Ellie Stafford, 16, Keen photographer and fashion lover
Ellie Stafford, 16, Keen photographer and fashion lover

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Canon 1100D EF-S 18-55mm F.15 1/60 sec ISO 800 Focal Length 50mm 2048 x 1049 Erwin Blumenfeld has always inspired me when it comes to
fashion and portraiture. He was both exciting and new and knew exactly how to
manipulate studio lights to get his desired e...

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That Tan Coat.
Canon 70D EF-S 50mm F.10 1/125 sec ISO 400 Focal Length 50mm 2364 x 3545 The background to this picture was a huge, brown door which
is part of Stratford Park Museum, Stroud. I chose this backdrop because the
browns looked beautiful against the models blond...

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Parka Chic.
Canon 70D EF-S 50mm F.10 1/80 sec ISO 100 Focal Length 50mm 2391 x 3586 I love this image, I was inspired by a similar outfit in a
magazine. The centre of the picture was definitely the scarf, it’s vintage that
I inherited from my Mum. The beautiful colours...

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When Life Gives You Lemons...
Canon 600D EF-S 18-55mm F.13 1/40th sec ISO 800 Focal Length 55mm 2484 x 1721 Inspired by Rankin, this picture was influenced by fruits and colours. I love
the contrast between both the yellows and the greens,
both synonymous of fruits and the exotic. The s...

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A Modern Dorothy
Canon 70D EF-S 18 - 55mm F.13 1/20 sec ISO 160 Focal Length 28mm 6608 x 4502 I used natural light for this picture as I was shooting in
local woods. It was a bright day, therefore the sun pierced through the trees,
which also caused a dabbled effect on the ...

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Fragility of an Animals Life.
Canon 70D EF-S 18-55mm F.5.6 1/800 sec ISO 5000 Focal Length 32mm 7904 x 5801 The idea behind this image was to highlight the different
things that an animal's body parts are used for. For example, the cheese uses
the stomach of a young calf to mature the c...

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Round Lettuce.
Canon 1100D EF-S 50mm F.22 0.4 sec ISO 1000 Focal Length 50mm 3088 x 2056 I shot this picture in a studio environment, using a soft
box fluorescent light to the left of the vegetable. I
was influenced by the work of Edward Weston, in particular the way he

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Canon 70D EF-S 75 - 300mm F.5.6 1/25  sec ISO 125 Focal Length 210mm 8339 x 7296 Andy Warhol has always been an influence in my life, I've
adored his work from an early age, which is where my picture came from. I love
manipulating colours in images, and I t...
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