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My pixel 2 XL thinks I'm in the beta program but I'm not.. At least I don't think so. I received the Android 9 stable release, and my phone indicates it is not a beta version. So I want to re-enroll in the beta program, I've been doing it since Android 7, but Google seems to think my pixel 2 XL is still enrolled. If I opt out, I assume my phone is going to go through a factory reset, which I'd prefer not to do. Because, since getting the stable release, I shouldn't be in the Android beta program anymore anyway right? I am getting timely security updates as well? Anybody have a way out of this?

Using a 6P bought unlocked from Google. Has not updated to the stable release of Oreo. Still running the beta. I believe Google should have pushed the stable release to me by now, right? Called support, overseas CSR said she'll have to chat with the beta people to find out what to do and she'll get back to me within 1-1.5 hrs, 48 hrs later and she still hasn't got back to me. No surprise. Any suggestions please?

Is there anyway to view what apps are actually running at any given time? I know I can view Battery under Settings to see what apps have consumed the battery, and I know that running apps sometimes appear in the notification bar called Android System, but how about a list of running apps?

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Having a problem with the notification bar with a specific app called Smart Audiobook Player.

It always shows a notification in the notification bar, even if I've quit the app.

If I remember correctly, with Android N, you had a slider type control to control the importance of notifications in the notification bar. In Android O beta, you can change the importance of notifications in the lock screen for the app, but nothing for the home screen. There does not appear to be any control in the apps settings either.

The annoying thing is that the apps notification appears even when I've quit the app. The only way to get it to stop is if I turn all notifications off for the app. But, I want it there to control the app while I'm using it, and disappear when I quit the app.

Any suggestions? Am I missing the slider control for notifications somewhere in the settings? Thanks everyone.

Nexus 6P

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I love using HDR+! But, it's a hassle to try to decide if the subject is low light enough to use a flash instead. How about an option to automatically switch over to flash if the camera doesn't detect enough light? I know that it may not be perfect. But, when I'm indoors in the evening, such as at a party, in some areas there may be enough light for HDR+, and sometimes not. But, by the time I switch from one mode to the other, I've lost the shot.
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