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#womensworldcup finals tomorrow!!!
Our top national team is playing for all the marbles tomorrow!

So if you're a USican and love your country, you need to tune into your local Fox affiliate by 7 PM EDT. Help support your team and watch them crush Japan in the first finals rematch in Women's World Cup history!
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Bryan Dufrene

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Not My Work

Ok, I have not posted anything in months due to how #busy  things are but had to share these.  As many of you already know, I rarely share other people's work but here are some #Inspiring shots I fell in 100% love with.  

(Like I am tearing up just viewing them again as I type this; they invoke such an awe inspired emotional response)

-The model is the gorgeous #French  actress Mylène Jampanoï 
(Photo on right is by Justin Cooper)
#MylèneJampanoï     #actress   #OMGiaminlove  
#MyleneJampanoi   #cenima   #foreignfilms   
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Very nice and good to see you!
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Bryan Dufrene

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-1 Nice #blackandwhitephotography in the shot below.
-2 #ufc184 woohooo! Watching it live, and super excited. :)

#ufc #mma #rondarousey #catzingano

Update #armbar :)
It's going down TONIGHT!
UFC 184: Rousey vs Zingano
10/7pm ETPT LIVE on Pay-Per-View
Who you got?
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Laura D
+Bryan Dufrene yeah that is her best asset. But her skills are out matched 
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Bryan Dufrene

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-Coat, gloves and boots? check!
-Run off the road when the guy in front of you slams on his breaks for no reason? check! o-0
-Be pulled out of the deep snow when a Good Samaritan with a 4x4 stops by? check! :D 
-Photo of the pretty snow? check! ;)

#snow #ranofftheroadcauseofpartcrazymaninfrontofmeandpartmypanic
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It is 32 here. :) 
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Bryan Dufrene

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The Most Beautiful Bike in all the Land...
Or at least that is how I felt as I was standing there taking these.  :D  Like I said in my post earlier this week, I found it for a great price, in 95% pristine condition.  :D  Yes, I am missing the right bar-end, but the paint is perfect and it came with the #Yoshimura pipe... ;P  

#Suzuki   #suzukimotorcycle   #suzukisv650   #sv650   #suzukisv650S   #motorcycle   #bikelife   #bike   #biker #roadtrip :) 
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+Darren Tyler it does. A nice clean backdrop to beautiful paint. Now, if I can only decide what color #samco radiator hose to buy.... #firstworldproblems 
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Bryan Dufrene

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(not to be confused with #SoloIsHot  or #HopeSoloIsHot )  :D
I have no idea what this retails for but it can be used with DSLRs.  While not so exciting for traditional #portraitphotography  , this device dose seem to open up quite a few possibilities for sports, celestial, and outdoor photography.  Looking forward to seeing what people come up with. Like he did with #GoogleGlass , adult Actor #JamesDeen  will most likely make both a safe for work, and not so safe for work, version of whatever humorous shenanigans he and his friends are up to.     

#hopesolo  ;)
#photography   #dslr   #photographynews   #technology   #technews
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But  really Good idea Though.
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165.8 Mile Road-trip/Photography-Trip Today!  

-I had found the last junk food Twinkie in the abandoned shopping mall, and as I rushed back to my bike, the sounds of the enraged undead filled the parking lot behind me.  I had no idea they were protecting that Twinkie with such a vengeance.  I had barely made it out alive.  A minivan had apparently been used as a barricade and had been blocking my way out the back of the mall, and I had kicked out the side window in order to escape the clutches of one particularly hungry zombie.  As I made my way back across the empty hi-way I was grateful for my #p90x cardio training... and for my extreme level of uncanny mental toughness gained from drinking raw eggs every morning like Rocky; broken glass from the minivan was still in my boot, but I kept moving towards my vehicle... my only means of escape as the zombies were gaining ground and my legs would not last forever.  I hopped on my bike and fumbled for my keys.  There was no one for hundreds of miles to steal my bike, but I was still in the habit of taking the keys out whenever I left the bike unattended; something I was now regretting.  I got the key in just as the closest zombie was coming onto the road next to me.  My trusty Suzuki started right up, keeping me from becoming zombie lunch... Just another day in #zombieland     

#roadtrip  + #photographytrip  = #phoadtrip    ;D  
#thewalkingdead   #zombies  

#suzuki   #motorcycle   #bike  #zombified #suzukisv650   #suzukisv650s   #sv650   #sv650s   #twinkie   #abandoned  #zombi #infected   #nightofthelivingdead  #fiction #flashfiction #madmax #apocalypse
#runningoutofhashtags  ;D
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+Susan L​ on G+? Tag me in it if you do! :)
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My crazy British biker person look...
I need a new Model  :(   

Need to make a   #modelmayhem   account and find some new artists to work with.  

#breakfastclub  with +Gemma Costa :) 
#selfiehell   #whydoIeventry  
#selfy   #selfie   #50shadesofgrey  (well more like 9)  ;) 
#selfportrait   #selfportraiture  
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Do EET!! +Bryan Dufrene 
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Bryan Dufrene

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I don't smoke!!!!!
Originally conceived as a #JamesDean and "WordlessOnWednesday" inspiration, I could not post this and be silent, as I don't want people that know me to think I picked up smoking...  0-o  

I really need to find a local model... 

#Iammyonlymodel  :(
#jamesdean and #jamesdeen ;) #smokingisbadforyourhealth  
#monochrome   #selfportrait  
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+Kevin Morgan I am sad to hear that. I hope he was able to leave in peace. 
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I rarely share other people's work...

Some ultras-inspiring shots from one of my good G+ friends +Crina Prida​​​ This collection of images captures my hopes for my creative work this year. I absolutely love the warm styling and grungy appearance to these shots. Now, if I can only get the time and muster the courage to try some work like this...

#hqspphotography #fineart #surreal
I am trying to locate some old files (2011-2012), and instead, I find this. No idea what was the original purpose of this collage, but it's a rare thing to have non-human content in my archives, so there you go....
#randomencounter   #collage  
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+Eija V not my work, but it is pretty amazing. :)
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Wow Now I just have to wait till they make ones for my #Suzuki #SV650s :D #motorcycle
Game N Gadgets originally shared:
Shocks can only do so much. They can help give you a smoother ride, but they don’t do much when it comes to comfort. The folks behind Loopwheel are well-aware of that, which is why they came up with the unconventional spoke-less wheel in the first place. They’re pretty expensive, as they retail for about …
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They may, as well as also steeling immediately deliverable torque, since some looks like it will be lost into the springs, at least initially. 
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Currently a Student
Basic Information
Student, Photographer, Writer, Actor (and generally a happy, grateful, multifaceted individual)
...old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway.  :D

Photography is one of my major interests, and is predominately the reason for me using G+.   I love taking photos, and love post-processing them in PS CS6.  I am learning HDR Photography and am enjoying learning everything everyone has to share on G+ and improving my photography skills.  

I love taking photos of interesting things:  My Canon 60D has over 31 thousand shots through it.  The more photos you take, the more opportunity you have to learn from your mistakes.   :D 

Besides photography, I am also interested in:
Watching movies
Outdoor Exploration and Survival Skills
Listening to music
Physical Fitness 
Self-defense Tactics
Writing (Fiction and Screenplays)
Enjoying the company of family and friends.

Important Note:  I am a busy person and sometimes that busyness keeps me away from my Google+ profile.  So if you contact me, please do not take my busyness personally.  I will try to respond.
Bragging rights
I am not sure I would agree with them but someone once told me that I look better than Daniel Craig.... LOL (Sorry Daniel) :D
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