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Harrison Street Pawn

Visit Harrison Street Pawn and shop our wide selection of ammunition and handguns!  Our Gun and Pawn experts are ready to answer your questions and to help you make the best choice.  (913) 764-7090  #pawn #guns #firearms  

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Elegant Jewelry at Affordable Pricing

Visit Harrison Street Pawn and Gun today and shop our wide selection of beautiful jewelry.  We offer many one-of-a-kind pieces that you'll be sure to love.  As a certified, precious metals pawn shop, we provide trustworthy assessments of value for additional peace of mind.  Come by today! #jewelryforsale #jewelry #jewelryforwomen  

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Like most people, you probably have pretty mixed feelings toward your jewelry. Jewelry is almost always expensive easy to lose, and even easier to break. The flip side is that it makes for a great gift, can provide a lasting memory and let’s be honest, says you care about someone a whole lot more than a gift card or going out to dinner.

There are some ways of alleviating some of the down sides. When it comes to price, there is a huge variety of jewelry out there for all sorts of prices, not to mention that by buying from anywhere other than a new retail store, you can actually find great discounts.

Now, there may not be a lot you can do about losing a piece of jewelry, unless you purchased an insurance policy on it, but when it comes to a broken piece of jewelry, fixing it is actually easier than you think. Don’t make the mistake of doing it yourself though, instead visit a professional for jewelry repair in Kansas.

Accidents happen

Most pieces of jewelry, no matter how well made or expensive, is easily able to get broken. It’s pretty obvious why, there are often small and intricate holders or designs on it that can get caught on clothing or be messed up when not handled properly. People often ...

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 We specialize in gun care and have extensive knowledge of the subject, we will help you find everything from the right ammunition to the right handgun. In need of gun cleaning? If so, we are here to assist. As a full service gun shop, we not only sell you all of the parts you need to keep any gun firing smoothly, we also will help with any repair and cleaning needs. Here are just a few more reasons why we are one of the most sought after full service gun and pawn shops in the area:

We proudly provide service for all of your gun, gold and jewelry needs.
We offer all of our services to the city of Olathe, KS and surrounding areas, within 25 miles.
We are a Licensed Federal Firearms seller.
We are a Pawn and Precious Metals Licensed Dealer for the city of Olathe, KS.
We have been your local pawn and gun expert for 30 years.

#Guns #Firearms #OlatheKS  

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