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Are you using our #IoT system or maybe want to download its trial version and send a query? We’ve launched a new online community where Tibbo engineers provide technical service for you and promptly resolve any issues. So, ask your questions in the online community

How does AggreGate Network Manager integrate different types of hardware in a single monitoring system of Aramco Oil and Gas Company?

Together with Technology Leaders Co. Ltd. Tibbo implemented the control system for monitoring Aramco’s facilities and set of sensors on one screen. Using AggreGate with Tibbo TPS devices helps integrate different types of hardware in a single monitoring system.

Water leak detector, fire detecting system, temperature and humidity sensors, HVAC, UPS and Rodent Repellant were connected via Tibbo TPS devices with special firmware. AggreGate Network Manager monitors such standard equipment as servers, routers, IPDU, virtual machines.

VMS web interface was also integrated as well. It's a system with high level of engineering and network integration, simple and flexible GUI for operators and powerful tools for futher extension by administrators. #networkmonitoring

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Why Apply #IoT in Agriculture? And how can IoT increase the profitability of agricultural production?

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Popular Turkish technology TV project, #TeknoAlan, introduced Tezmaksan, a retailer of CNC machines. Tezmaksan implements AggreGate #IoTPlatform for collecting data from #CNCcontrollers, such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, etc. installed on machines with computer numerical control (CNC).

Assisted by OPC server, AggreGate allows tracking all the machine unit processes (uptime, downtime, shutdown reasons, duration, etc.) and analyzing data through corresponding alarms and reports.

What are common features of #IIoT and #SCADA/HMI and differences between them? And what advantages do Internet of Things Platforms have over #SCADASystems? Find out answers in the presentation.

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Dear partners, customers and friends!
Wish you a great 2017 year in peace, good health, prosperity, and true happiness. Thank you for being with us, and see you in 2017!

Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, gave a speech on future of distributed control systems and advantages #IIoT Platforms over #SCADA/HMI systems.

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Late September during the “Internet of Things” conference there was a presentation of Tibbo Systems representative Dmitriy Moiseev. The speaker addressed a topic of the #IoT implementation into agriculture and told about advantages of using the company’s product – #IoTplatform AggreGate. #iotconf

Read the interview in our Blog:

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We always welcome new guests and partners to our European office. So it was a really pleasant event when our partners from Israel (IDP) and RSA (Bitwiz) visited us for AggreGate Technical Training and some networking. Come again, guys! :)
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Will #SCADAsystems survive? Victor Polyakov, CEO of Tibbo Systems, will give answer at "Internet of Things: Technlogy and Projects" Conference in Moscow.

November 30, Borodino Business Hotel.
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