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Just curious, I own a DaVinci 1.0 and I guess I've never thought about the auto it using a temp spike on the thermistor to tell when it touches?

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I've been slowly working on the layout for my custom build. I'm really stuck on the idea of having some sheet metal parts machined and folded for the build. Has anyone else in the community done this? Is there a large cost (I know this is highly dependent on the part geometry but did you feel it was outrageous )? Any suggestions/comments are welcome it is always nice to have other points of view.
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I'm looking to slowly put together a custom build, and am currently laying out the mechanical components. I was wondering if the community has any preferences when it comes to securing guide rods and linear bearings, and why. The ones that come to mind are:

1) Threaded End Internal/External Tap (It would be cool if they made bearings with an external thread)
2) Simple Press Fit 
3) Perpendicular Pinning or Set Screws
4) Retaining Ring Grooves
5) Capping Flange

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I've been thinking a lot about the advantages of different printer types, and was curious if anyone has ever tried this (I'm currently dubbing it the Alpha-Y type until I have an official name)? Thoughts? Surely this has been attempted...

My picture is color coded to show my intent. Motor 1 controls the blue carriage assembly, motor 2 the red. My initial thoughts on the matter (I have not done the math though) the angle change may make smaller and consistent z-steps tough, and the x-axis guides need to be twice the length of my z-height in order to give me the same build area throughout the print.


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I've been having a slight issue with my Da Vinci 1.0 printer. I had just replaced the nozzle a few weeks back, and just recently started printing a larger number of parts in succession again. Everything was doing unbelievably well until this week. These are printed using the same layer thickness...see the difference? Anyone know where the problem may lie?

The only thing I can think of is a change in humidity levels... 
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DaVinci 1.0 printing magic. I'm totally shocked this worked out. The new print head assembly seems to do much better. Any one else have the newer generation head? What are your thoughts?

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Was trying to do some gear design and found this:,400,400,6,0,0,1380.5999999999738,2,1,10,0.3125,32,20,-90,0,0,24,0.75,32,20,-90,0,0,2,806

Hope this helps others as well. I find CAD gear design to be a bit tedious and painful. Amazing!

I'm not extremely familiar with the SLA process, other than the fact that photo resin is hit with a UV laser, but have been thinking about the possibility of a rotary style printer. Does anyone know if it has been done before? I'm thinking a slotted wheel with the head/laser much like a CD player...

Does anyone know if there had been any initiative to build smart slicers tuned for things like thermal stresses, shortest paths, and least amount of support material? I'd love to try to create/help with some slicer software.
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