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Yellow - Thematic Photography
While we are waiting for Storm Doris to catch up with us I'm pleased to say that there is some colour about. Crocus in roadside verge and Worm's eye view While in the garden these have weathered the winter so far. Primulas For a bigger splash of colour look...

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Out east - Sunday Stamps II
72% of all countries are in the eastern hemisphere; 82% of people live there. 20th March 1896 is regarded as the inaugural date of the modern Chinese postal service for which China issued a 50th anniversary commemorative stamp in 1947. China - 16 December 1...

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Wonderful, wonderful, Copenhagen.
I'm not a great lover of cities but I would make an exception for Copenhagen shown in this week's prompt. I've spent many hours there with some time in that selfsame square. I've doctored this picture to remove the colours and to draw your attention to the ...

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Favourites for Thematic Photographic's 400th Outing
Congratulations to Carmi for having the dedication to run Thematic Photographic for over 8 years and for this, his 400th theme. You always have to think about how to take photos which you interpret will match his theme. This week choice of your favourite sh...

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Sunday Stamps II in the western hemisphere
The West Indies seemed to be the natural place for me to go this week, starting with the short lived political union that existed from 3 January 1958 to 31 May 1962. Ten British West Indian territories with Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados as the pri...

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Hat trick - Thematic Photographic
I hope that you will agree to accept Samwin as a hat. Samwin After all he was the head cover I used for my driver when playing golf. Now he makes a perfect model for the 'hat' I wear throughout the winter. Bob's insulated beanie I found some other hats in m...

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Sunday Stamps II from the Southern Hemisphere
I have been touring islands and atoll s in the South Pacific this week, calling in at French Polynesia - 1 November 195 where the 118 volcanic islands and atolls cover an area the size of Western Europe including Tahiti. In 1971 the atoll of  Mururoa was th...

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Outer Space - Sunday Stamps !!
If you are forever mooning about then this is the stamp for you. USA - 22 February 2016 If space travel is your thing then which of these alternative planets would be your destination? USA - 31 May 2016 You have seven to choose from excluding the Earth, of ...

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Footwear -Thematic Photography
I have had some queer looks this week through studying peoples feet, even being asked on one occasion whether I hadn't anything better to do.  I was taking this shot at the time -  in the Flea Market i was even asked, 'Well, are you buying anything?' In the...

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Books and Authors - Sunday Stamps II
Young Folks, a magazine for children, serialised a story between 1881 and 1882. The story was credited to 'Captain George North.' On 14 November 1883 Cassell & Co published it as a book in the author's name. Another Young Folks' story appeared in May/July 1...
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