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Pancake Sheath
Might call this a generic pancake sheath, from bolster down can be drawn in to fit your knife   was going to have a drawing file and pdf but that will have to wait until I figure out how to get them here

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Wood Sheaths
This question comes up on occasion about making sheaths out of wood. I do not have any step by step photos but essentially 1) Two slabs of wood remove enough wood the blade is a snug fit and glue together. or 2) two slabs of wood with a layer or three of sp...

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Work and hobby combined
Planning on a new grinder with all the fancy attachments next year so I downloaded the drawings from the "Sayber OSG" Open Source Grinder Project by After spending a day learning a new software package add-on for AutoCad the little l...

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Lifes ups and downs
My apologies for not keeping things fresh and up to date but this summer I found out I have PTSD or a Occupational Stress Injury from my service back in the 80's. Learned it is not much fun,flash backs are over rated and I have an whole new appreciation for...

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Recurve Blade
Having a little fun with making a blade with no straight lines. going to have stainless steel pommel and bolster and hidden pin handle. stuck at a point of deciding to go with a curved top swage or a straight one. Either way it will be sharpened, Curved wit...

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outdoorsman knife sets
Got to thinking it would be nice to have a matching set of knives for various outdoor activities like fishing, camping and hunting or trapping. Slowly getting from idea to finished concept only finish work needed on the knives and then on to the sheaths. Fi...

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kitchen knives
An odd assortment of kitchen knives I have made for myself trying out different bevels plus the little guy I got from a fellow knife maker in a draw

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Kitchen knife restoration
From what little information I was able to gather on this old knife it was made between 1861 and 1882 based on the makers mark of the word "ART" in a circle. Made by George Butler & Co. Sheffield Trinity Works Blade is made from two laminations which was a ...

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KITH 2016
Just a refresh post on a knife I made over a year ago for a knife in the hat draw 2016.

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Paring knife
Liked the last project so much that I have decided to make a pair of knives in a smaller version. Strongly considering making one with a stabilized and dyed Maple handle in a lighter version and bundling with the other knife in a two blade sheath. Glory sho...
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