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I'm honored to be your mum +MD JUWEL Thanks for the great compliment.
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Mabuhay, Marlon Tapales of the Philippines!!
Marlon Tapales rises up from two knockdowns in round 5 to knock out Pungluang Sor Singyu in Thailand and win the WBO bantamweight championship
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The Original Lyrics in Spanish with translation: (with help from google & other sources)

Negros ojos que dan hechizos .... (black eyes that cast spells)
talle esbelto, gracioso andar...... (slender figure, lovely walk)
cabellera que cae en rizos....... (long hair that falls in curls)
y es como un manto real....... (and looks like a royal cape)
Linda boca por donde leve...... (pretty lips where lightly)
su blancura muestra? el marfil.... (her whiteness shines like ivory)
Pie que encanta por ser tan breve... (feet that charms for being small)
¡ay que niñas tan dulces........ (oh, how sweet are the ladies)
las de este pais! ........... (of this country)

Solo sé, lo sé ............ (I only know, only know)
las ama el que ls ve.......... (those who sees them loves them)
Pues son divinas,........... (because they are divine)
las filipinas...........­.... (the filipino woman)

Tienen cierto iman........... (They have a certain magnet)
Que atrae al hombre con afan..... (that keenly attracts a man)
Su dulzura y dulce expression.... (their gentleness and sweet expression)
Seduce al hombre el eorazon..... (seduces the heart of a man)
- - - - - - -
Pues son divinas........... (Well they are divine)
Las Filipinas...........­.. (the Filipino women)
Su dulzura y dulce expression.... (their gentleness and sweet expression)
Seduce al hombre el Corazon..... (seduces the heart of a man)
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Gracias +Gustavo Davila Rodriguez Saludos, tambien.
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Published on Jul 17, 2016

The commanding officer of the Indian Navy's most powerful surface fleet says India is prepared to assist other Asian countries should their maritime security be threatened.

Rear Admiral SV Bhokare, YSM, NM, Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet (FOCEF), pointed out that India wants peace but we "want to help other countries if they are in trouble. But if any countries want our help in maritime security and humanitarian relief, we will come forward."

As for the rising tensions in the South China Sea caused by China's militarization of its man-made islands and China's claim to own this sea, Adm. Bhokare said India is ready.

"When our ships sail out, it means we are ready to attack anyone who attacks us," he said.

As FOCEF, Adm. Bokhare commands some 30 warships and auxiliaries of the Eastern Fleet based in Visakhapatnam, the capital of Andhra Pradesh State along the shores of the Bay of Bengal. Among these warships are destroyers, stealth frigates, amphibious ships, anti-submarine warfare corvettes, missile corvettes, offshore patrol vessels, missile boats and tankers.

Currently, however, Adm. Bokhare is in Port Klang, Malaysia as commander of a four-ship Indian Navy squadron that has made ports of call in the Philippines, South Korea and Russia.
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+Danisim Simonov  This video might interest you.

Here's the latest
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Believe it or not -
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+Jesse H Эта Старая... Школа - из древности... седой... - Не Пифагорейский Институт случайно?
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Jesse H
It's about dam time.
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Have her in circles
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Published on Jul 28, 2016
For the second year in a row, Travel + Leisure magazine named Palawan, Philippines, the world's best island
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Congratulations!! Really wonderful landscapes.
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Among Philippine folk dances, I love this the most. A royalty dance.
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Welcome dear +Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral 
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Published on Jun 25, 2012
Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself. Elvis may be the best known performer associated with the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, but he wasn't the only one. The WORLD FAMOUS,BAYANIHAN DANCE COMPANY, representing the Phillipines, performed to rave reviews at the World's Fair Opera House that summer.
Once Again, The Worlds Favorite Dance Theater Bayanihan presented an evening with enchantment, enthrallment and fascination of the Philippine Arts at the Beneroya Hall, Seattle WA in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair, FCHSW-Pagdiriwang (Filipino Cultural
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Published on Jul 19, 2016
Breaking News - U.S. Deploys Most Advanced Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense in China backyard

United States will deploy its most advanced anti-ballistic missile-defense system, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) to the South Korea. This deployment would put U.S. and allies at an advantage strategic defense position against China, North Korea and Russia.
THAAD anti-ballistic missile system would be able to shut down any ballistic missile and InterContinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) from China or North Korea up to 150 km in altitude within 2000 km radius, when operating in forward-base mode. The missile carries no warhead but relies on the kinetic energy of the impact to destroy the incoming missile. It weights 900kg and can travel at a Mach 8.24, or 2.8 km/s. The fastest ICBM can travel up to Mach 23.
THAAD is a unique missile-defense system with unmatched precision, capable of countering threats around the world with its mobility and strategic battery-unit placement. It has a track record of 100% success rate. Its powerful Raytheon AN/TPU-2 radar is used to detect, track, and discriminate ballistic missile in the terminal phase of flight. Once an enemy target is identified, THAAD's Fire Control and Communications (TFCC) support team kicks in. If there is a decision to engage the incoming missile, the launcher fires an interceptor from truck-mounted launcher to destroy the incoming missiles.
THAAD deployment worry China. Its Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on its website that the deployment will "do nothing to help with denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and will harm regional peace and stability".
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I should thank YOU, my dear +Fred Burgess  Have a wonderful day.
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The latest on the South China Sea arbitration tribunal ruling -
President Rodrigo R. Duterte assured a visiting United States congressional delegation that the UN arbitral court's ruling favoring the Philippines in its case against China was non-negotiable. U.S. Senator Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut said the President also told their group that he
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Very admirable, if I may say so. Always stand up to bullies +Krishna S. 
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A 15-year research project conducted by American and Filipino scientists resulted in the discovery of 28 unique species of mammals in Luzon. The research project also said that Luzon has the
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good evening dear friend Ji. thanks :)
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Have her in circles
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