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Gillian Muessig
Supporter of Visionary Entrepreneurs, Builder of Better Ways to Live & Work Together, Speaker & Ravenous Traveler
Supporter of Visionary Entrepreneurs, Builder of Better Ways to Live & Work Together, Speaker & Ravenous Traveler

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great service!

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Almost 100 votes. We need 250 votes minimum. is gunning for a Chase bank grant. Please vote and ask anyone who owes you a favor to do the same. This is a company that really should be built - let's make it happen, friends! 

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My daughter Meridith (known as killiandrake, her nom-de-plum) has launched a kickstarter with the goal of disrupting the opaque art sales system that dramatically increases costs to buyers and favors profits to sellers, not to artists.

The goal is to get original contemporary art into the homes and offices of everyone by making it affordable and easy to obtain. Perk options range from $2 to $5,000.

I'd sure be grateful if you'd check it out, spread the word and if owning contemporary art is something you've aspired to, maybe even pick up a piece.

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House for sale in Hamden CT: 2065 Shepard Ave. I chose Cheryl Szczarba of Seabury-Hill Realtors as my listing agent: 203-996-8328. Charming; beautiful grounds. Enjoy!
Exterior photos of house and garden - 2065 Shepard Ave, Hamden
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Les Miserables Medley by Lindsey Stirling on Violin

Another big production number by +Lindsey Stirling. Congratulations to Lindsey on her continuing success. 

#violinist   #pianist   #iwd2015   #internationalwomensday  

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A Theory on Google+'s +1s Correlating w/ High Rankings

The new +Searchmetrics correlation factors is out: and as was the case in years past, there's a very high correlation with +1s and ranking well (0.33 -- higher than links, other social signals, etc).

My theory is this (and it's just a theory): Perhaps more Google +1s indicates two things that are often important for good rankings:

A) More logged-in searchers being biased to the result, which then brings with it positive jumps in user/usage data-based metrics in the algorithm

B) More social-share worthiness among the same types of early adopters that often have websites and can link out. My assumption here is that Google+ users may be more likely "Linkerati" than average users of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

There's plenty of other explanations of course, but I thought I'd share these and perhaps entreat others to add their thoughts.

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This amazing website is mapping accessibility on our planet. is mapping the world for mobility challenged travelers. Please help us out! If you or someone you know has mobility challenges, please post reviews of your favorite hotels, restaurants, airlines, ball parks, theaters, coffee shops, or anywhere that works for you.

Do you use manual or motorized wheelchair? Sight or hearing limited? Do you have life threatening allergies & know a restaurant you trust? Do you walk with care, use a cane or a walker and love to hang out with friends? Please tell us where & how these places work for you. Thnx!

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Testing the new Tesla at #Xconomy  Summit Napa. Superb mechanics. But not ONE WOMAN was consulted about the interior design. It's a 5 seat vehicle with no arm rest in the rear, vestigial little stumps in the front and no center console. That said, it's amazingly smooth, powerful and of course, quiet.

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The new Tesla is one smooth ride and it corners 'like it's on rails'. Might just be the most fun drive on the road today.
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