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Pretty much the worst rental experience I've ever had. We moved our daughter in here while she was attending NAU. Couple of things to be aware of - they require SIXTY days notice of termination of lease/moving, despite the fact that the lease terminates, they do an "auto-renew" if you don't comply and I'm sure they would love to stick you with the fees. When my daughter graduated, she wanted to move out and live with some friends, so we went up there, spent a weekend moving and cleaning her apartment so there would not be any issues. There were none. She passed the inspection just fine and moved on. We were supposed to get a security deposit returned to us. In Arizona, the landlord must send this deposit or notify you why they did not send it within two weeks of vacating. Despite the fact that my daughter was not leaving town and said she would be happy to come by and pick up the check, they insisted on mailing it to us. Well, actually to the wrong address. Despite the fact they have had our correct mailing address for two years now, they decided to send it to a different address. When we found out and gave them our correct address, now they have to wait for the check to come back. It's now been close to a month after vacating and we still don't have the security deposit. I contacted their rental office and they have no clue. They tried to verify my address and they still have the bad address, despite being told the correct address several times. Now they have no clue where our check is, and don't really seem to care. I tried to contact the management company and you cannot really talk to anybody, you have to leave a voice mail - which they will not return. Nor have they returned any email communications. I guess I have to take them to court to get my security deposit. What a hassle! Keep that in mind if you rent from any of their properties. They will gladly take your money, but refuse to return it.
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