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My family and I visited Meteor Crater in Winslow, Arizona for vacation. I shot this short video from the highest observation area.

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I want to thank +Stacey LaCalamita for taking these headshots for me. I truly appreciate your work.
Headshots by Stacey LaCalamita
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Last year, more than 54,000 people learned how to negotiate with Comcast and get the best deal.

Were you one of them? If not, read this article today and start saving money!

#Comcast   #Negotiation   #SaveMoney  

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This is pretty funny. 
Recently, at a Burger King in Bloomington...

Me: "You have a sign on the menu board back there that says you have picture menus available at the window."

BK Drive-Through Clerk: "Yes, we do. Would you like to see one?"

Me: "No, thank you. I am just wondering why you would have a picture menu...?"

Clerk: "They are for people that can't read."

Me: "If they are for people that cannot read, then why would you have a printed sign back there?"

Clerk: "That way, people will know that we have them available here at the window."

Me: "Which people?"

Clerk: "The ones that can't read."

Me: "But, the sign is in written form."

Clerk: "Yes. And it tells the people that can't read that we have a picture menu in here for them."

Me: "But, they can't READ!"

Clerk: "Yes. That's why we have the picture menu. I think you're missing the point, sir."

Me: [Face-Palm]

I think that Burger King needs to reevaluate its hiring standards.

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I rewrote my Twitter bio. What do you think?

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Review and Summary: MONEY Master the Game by +Tony Robbins 

#Money   #Investing  

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It was a good year. Bring on 2015!

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#PrimePantry: For those who love shopping in their underwear.
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