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Doing Social (DS) was formed in 2012. We are a Company Limited by Guarantee and call ourselves a social enterprise.

Since our formation, we have delivered several projects for universities and a housing association and worked with over 80 early-stage social entrepreneurs to develop their capacity and skills. Last year we partnered with University of Greenwich to deliver a 5-day Social Enterprise Festival which was held in May 2015. Over 300 people from local communities took part in experiences to learn about social change and to progress their ideas.

We have been exploring how far universities and housing associations can help aspiring student and grassroots social innovators (particularly those from poorer backgrounds) to improve their life chances, as this is what Doing Social is concerned with.

We know that one of the key factors of successful social innovation is ‘co-creation’ with potential consumers/beneficiaries and also collaboration with others who are also seeking to address the unmet need or social issues being tackled. So we have created some new, very exciting projects that can facilitate co-creation and collaboration by students and communities around social change.

We believe our new projects can help students who have an interest in social change to develop skills and gain experiences that can improve their employability prospects, and even help them create their own paid work in this space. We believe that poorer members of society who work together with students and others to co-create solutions that can address society’s challenges, can also improve their own life chances.

Our main aim when designing these opportunities is to be able to help people who are economically poor to make a decent living from a career in social change so they can be enabled to move from a position of adversity to a position of opportunity. We will say more about this and our planned projects in future posts.
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