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Jannie Ho
I'm a children's book illustrator and lover of chickens.
I'm a children's book illustrator and lover of chickens.


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A great review of Teeny Weeny Looks for His Mommy from Kirkus Reviews. Teeny Weeny and Bunny Boo will hit the US in 2 weeks!

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A new book published by Campbell Books!
Muddle London (5 photos)
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The Great Reindeer Rebellion, a picture book illustrated by yours truly, is available as an ebook on the NOOK! #lastminutegift

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Started watching Dojin Work last night. Anyone who has tabled at a comic convention should watch. So funny. #anime #comics

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Looking forward to going on the show again this Wednesday! Any topics you all would like us to discuss?
Wednesday, November 16, at 12:30 pm ET I'll be joined by guests +Ryan Estrada and +Jannie Ho on episode 37 of Comics Are Great! They'll both be in-studio, and we'll have the cameras set up again to allow for some on-screen drawing as we broadcast live at

Ryan, Jannie, and I had a fantastic discussion back on Comics Are Great! episode 17 ( about how "Marketing is Just Talking to Dudes". They were full of awesome insights on the subject of networking and self-promotion.

So I'm curious: What would you most like to hear these two discuss on the upcoming show? What questions do you have for them? Fire them off in the comments here and I'll add them to my list for the discussion.

Or mark your calendar so you can ask them live via chat client while we record the show!

Anyone thinking about their Christmas card illo/design yet? Not sure if I can make one in time this year...

Finding myself saying please and thank yous to SIRI #iphone4S

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Hey everyone, I'm hosting another giveaway! This time from They are giving away an 18" x 24" poster printing of your choice. I think I'll finally get my animal ABCs printed as a poster. :-)

Anyways, go to my blog to enter and for more details. Good luck!

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