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Creating A Direct Path From Idea To Delivery
Creating A Direct Path From Idea To Delivery

Personal Mission - Here is mine! What would you add?  Subtract?

Be open minded to others.
Constantly add value to the people and projects I am exposed to.
Understand and embrace different paths.
The faster I make mistakes, the faster I recover.
Let my personality constantly evolve.
Live your values.  My values are – Always learning, adaptability, collaboration, honesty, self-confidence self-motivation and passion.
Press on.
Say Yes before you say No.
Consistency counts.  Always show up!
Good design is scrap.  Great design is what endures. Do great design!
Give, share and receive.
Travel and experience different cultures.
Live now.
Don’t be a dick.
Live with a small footprint.

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Stanford University - Design Thinking Action Lab

I am part of the attached video link and the design thinking action lab.  This current video is talking about an interview process to empathize and define a problem statement around school to work transitioning.  I will write quite a lot in the future around design thinking.  Does anyone have specific questions?

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Why you should think about trends!

Trends.  I am fascinated by the trends that have stuck with us in the past and allow a product or service to stand the tests of time.  Why?  Up to 90% of what we produce ends up on the scrap heap.  Sustainability!  Just think about what this number represents worldwide.  Are we listening to the market, creating value, validating?

Here are some of the trends I believe will stay.  What would you add or subtract? 

Talking about experiences not features
Emotional consumption
Flawless functionality
Collaboration of design
Participation in the experience
Worth being determined by philosophy
Being part of a higher purpose
Fast to react

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Ten Reasons why you should go to a Start-up Weekend!

1. It puts the believer in you!  Start-up Weekend can transform you by acting and speaking not from who you are, but who you want to be.
2. Start-up Weekend is about creating and building long lasting relationships first, and a possible product second.
3. Gives you access to a bunch of really smart mentors and coaches that can help you not only create a minimum viable product, but give advice that stays with you forever.
4. Keeps your idea pressing forward even when you are sleeping!  Sleeping? More like thinking with your eyes closed.
5. Helps to hone better work habits.
6. It’s like a competitive sport.  Do it once and you will want to come back again and again.
7. There is no worst thing that can happen!  Positive people, positive you, positive outcome.  
8. It increases your friends and professional network.
9. You may find that you will be working way past the 54 hours if you are lucky!
10. Start-up Weekend will give you some new tools that you can add to your tool box.

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Sliderocket misses orbit and crashes to Earth in a ball of Flames!

I like many users trying to find a cooler than PowerPoint product, thought SlideRocket was and is fantastic.  I still love the product.  But there is nothing great about the way in which Sliderocket was acquired and left the users hanging.  I was so excited to tell a friend of mine about the product, only to find out they could not download the app.  If SlideRocket opted for being transparent and thought about the user experience they would have posted daily updates.  Hello public, this is what we have done today, and this is why!

Am I wrong?

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Life is exciting right now!  Expired business models, complex markets, the need to stay relevant, constant pivots and recovery all share the current business conditions.  Start-up programs, incubators, accelerators and consultants are all trying to beat the 50/50 odds by helping a business exist past five years and stop the constant churn that tosses out owners and workers in every local market. We all want to find the secret formula to grow our local business and survive.

Are we not all trying to answer these same questions?  Yes!  Are you providing value and can you execute and deliver what you promise? 

In order to answer these two questions it seems like you need to consider first what is your Zag (Marty Neumeier) and do you have a Blue Ocean Strategy (W. Chan Kim).  What makes you the only (fill in the blank)?  Next, you need a person I will call a revisionary, one who validates on the street that your Zag exists and validates the market gap.  
Next, you need to execute and deliver.  Getting shit done is hard!  We can only throw so many of our hours into the mix.  So maybe execution is about putting systems in place and following what David Allen magnificently demonstrates in Getting Things Done.  

What about your people? Personally I think that by creating an experience of who you are, energizing and inspiring everyone around you, constantly striving for the best and delivering results will go a long way to create the atmosphere that motivates people to obtain results.

What do you thinks?
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Who has time to be Productive?

Here are my top 10 takeaways from an amazing book from 99U called Manage Your Day-to-Day.
1. Do creative work first, reactive work second. Mark McGuiness
2. Limit your daily to-do to one 3"x3" Post-It Note. Mark McGuiness
3. Work in short bursts of 90 minutes or less followed by a break. Tony Schwartz
4. Schedule chunks of uninterrupted time during the week for applying sustained focus to creative tasks. Cal Newport
5. Being someone who know what they are doing forces you to a lifetime of knowing what you are doing.  Seth Godin
6. Strive to remove distractions entirely from our field of attention to limit the amount of mental energy distractions take up. Christian Jarrett.
7. Find a good stopping point on a project to free the mind from nagging questions. Christian Jarrett
8. Resist the temptation of random reinforcement by starting your day eliminating non-essential email just to tidy your inbox. Dan Ariely
9. To increase performance, disengage from the stream of connected intentional activity for a period of time.  Scott Belsky
10. Nurture a smaller network who provide tremendous values to each other.  Lori Deschene

#timemanagement   #gettingthingsdone  
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Work Spaces of the Future

As mobile devices and social networks continue to change our personal and business communications, our physical environment has never been more relevant to investigate.  Will the digital age with a fast, adaptive and agile interface completely replace analog as a way of working?  When will the analog age stop the dysfunction of trying to live in both environments?

Many modern offices have no walls,no privacy and lots of noise and distraction.  There is an unwritten rule that suggests if you are wearing ear buds or headphones that you are not to be bothered.  This also indicates that you are trying to concentrate and are blocking out environmental noise.  Is this our office of the future?  Are we more productive?  

Susan Szenasy, the editor for Metropolis magazine, has always looked hard at urban lifestyle, space development, and the way we fit in to our changing environment.  Metropolis has recently created a $7,500.00 contest to find the best workplace of the future (  The topic is hot.  Lots of questions remain.  I am excited to investigate my own work space as part of an exercise for  and find the gap that allows for higher productivity, high satisfaction and keeps pace with trending technology.

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