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Tying to eat healthy like-

I was given a post forwarded to me in a community of mine, to put woman as my profile pic for twenty four hours to support BCA. I don't know the person who sent me this, I'm just. Doing it. If you +1 this, I will assign you a character. After your done, restate what is happening. Let's do this, as either friends, or even complete strangers.

can i use my same other character?

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I am a ranger. As well as a thief. So keep a close eye on me. I can pick locks really well, don't try to hide from me...My mom died in a fire... my dad is still living... barely.

Name : Benjamin
Weapons:dagger, (basic) and a bow.  Medium sword
Items : Pick lock items (You don't need to know what those are ) extra daggers and some arrows.
Powers:Can aim an arrow PERFECTLY almost every time. And has some great power for lock picking.
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