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The best way to eliminate stupid arguments is pitting them against each-other.

For those anti-abortionists who continue to argue that even a single living human cell with its own unique DNA qualifies as a living being with all the rights that brings: Please research "Henrietta Lacks" and her HELA cells, and then answer me a simple question. Do you actually insist that "Henrietta Lacks" is still alive?

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Has anyone seen this shit?

There are people what use this as their source for information ffs.

"He had a long silver chain and hanging at the end of the chain the quite prominent silver cross. You know, the sort of cross you might wear if you’re a fan of intersections or the lower case letter ‘t’. Or probably most commonly if you are a fan of apparatus of first century Romans put to death and torturer Jewish insurgents. "

- Tim Minchin

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"Rational arguments usually don't work on religious people. Otherwise there would be no religious people."

-Dr. House

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What a fucking bitch this +Birgit Jones is. I wish these idiots would mind their own business.
Cancer, ALS, or other diseases - an ethical cure must never come at the expense of the life of another.

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