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Coolest sounding sentence in Wikipedia “Gently push a piece of the tube containing the intersection along the fourth dimension, out of the original three dimensional space.”
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Meanwhile, in the CSS WG f2f (hilarious surreal discussion, although probably not that funny through the Minutes):

[11:47am] <fantasai> Bert: Only algorithm that will give you the optimal answer will be trying all possible layouts
[11:47am] <fantasai> TabAtkins: We just need a definition that gives the correct answer
[11:47am] <fantasai> dbaron: Trying all layouts is not an answer. There are layouts that always overflow
[11:48am] <fantasai> Bert: it's not no overflow, it's minimizing overflow
[11:48am] » sylvaing  "TRY ALL THE LAYOUTS" - Old performance proverb
[11:48am] <fantasai> TabAtkins: Trying all layouts is not a real answer.
[11:48am] <fantasai> dbaron: Brings up question of whether it's NP-complete
[11:48am] » glazou thinks sylvaing is not sick enough to stop trolling ;-)
[11:48am] <fantasai> Rossen: Shrink-to-fit with shapes :)
[11:49am] <fantasai> Florian: An important question is there a single layout, or multiple layouts that solve the constraints
[11:49am] <fantasai> dbaron discusses a W-shaped graph
[11:49am] Topic changed to "Computer Science chatroom" by ChrisL.
[11:49am] <fantasai> Florian: when there are multiple equal minimums, do we want to pick one normatively, or say any one is fine?
[11:49am] <fantasai> TabAtkins: We want everyone to agree on the same answer
[11:50am] <fantasai> Florian: Then pick an answer, and explain consequences
[11:50am] » Zakim excuses himself; his presence no longer seems to be needed
[11:50am] Zakim left the chat room. (Zakim)
[11:50am] » sylvaing glazou, IRC log indicates staying in bed was the right move, sick or not :)
[11:50am] » sylvaing even Zakim is giving up
[11:50am] <fantasai> ....
[11:50am] » glazou sylvaing eheh
[11:50am] <fantasai> TabAtkins: Say that here's an aglorithm, you can optimize it however you want
[11:50am] <fantasai> TabAtkins: Algorithms are never normative except for their answers
[11:50am] <fantasai> Florian: I think the most interesting part of working through the algorithms is saying which out of multiple answers is the right one
[11:51am] <fantasai> glazou intervenes
[11:51am] » ChrisL ding ding round two
[11:51am] <fantasai> glazou: I'm not sure this is a very productive discussion
[11:51am] <fantasai> Jet proposes discussing the travelling salesman problem instead
[11:53am] » krit sylvaing: you too, Brutus? You too?
[11:54am] » sylvaing it appears the Cite Internationale has Bert's Cafe Contemporain. I think this is where you can order all the layouts
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“Just because you haven’t personally experienced sexism in IT, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”
— Most geek feminists

“I don’t care if you’ve seen women playing the sexism card for undeserved privilege, it doesn’t exist and it NEVER happens you sexist pig!”
— Most geek feminists

Anyone notice the discrepancy?
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Yet another craziness of CSS. Minesweeper made without JavaScript.
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The open source software cycle:
1. Developer creates simple app
2. Since code is simple and easy to understand, people are eager to contribute
3. App grows more complex with all the new features and bugfixes
4. App's codebase now requires substantial time investment to understand and contribute
5. (Another) developer decides to make their own "simpler" app instead of understanding how the existing one works.
6. GOTO 2
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The various stages of development:
1. Excitement “This is gonna be legendary!”
2. Careful planning. Lots of innovative ideas.
3. Starting to write the code. Still being creative and invested into it, trying to do a good job.
4. Starting to make a few compromises, to finally get some things over with.
5. Developing less new features, spending most time testing & bug squashing. Being increasingly frustrated.
6. Bargaining with your computer (“please, just work and I’ll be nice to you from now on!”)
7. Helplessly banging head on desk.
8. Being utterly sick of even looking at it, i.e. “DEAR FSM/GOD MAKE IT STOP”

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Drublic made this Chrome app for dabblet, cool huh? :)
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