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The budget of EU is €142 billion, 1.06 % of the total gross national income of all the Member States together, don't believe #brexit lies

The European Parliament, elected represents EU’s citizens. It supervises the EU’s and enacts EU legislation not unelected more #brexit lies

Commission answerable to the Parliament, and has to resign if the Parliament passes a motion of censure against it unelected! #brexit lies

Schengen is made up of 26 European countries, & four non members of the EU (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) #brexit fact

The Council of Ministers is made up of elected ministers from EU’s national governments, not unelected as #brexit want us to believe #remain

The Lisbon Treaty, a decision is only accepted if 55% of the Member States agree and represent at least 65% of the EU’s population - fact

Daily Mail Reader "Do not trust Mayor Khan votes only for the people of E, S, W and NI, NOT immigrants" - do people really think like this!

EU is the largest economic trading unit on the planet so why would be want to #brexit and leave our biggest potential market, #voteremain

long after the sun set on empire, the most fearful among #brexit think they are fighting to save a remnant of the old ways.

Enter Nigel Farage, vows of easy riches & knack for making good things sound simple and bad things sound like some foreigner’s fault.
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