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Fly high, feel the sky!

Download link in comments!

Hello watch lovers, here's my latest work - ALTIME
An aviator inspired watch face featuring:
- Weather background updates,
- Current temperature,
- Step counter,
- Watch and Phone Battery
- Tap 6 and 12 for next/prev color,
- Tap center for weather update.

More updates are about to come.
Copyright Stefan Boiangiu, all rights reserved!
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Hi everyone,
Thanks for accepting my into this community! Now that I'm new here I would like to know what apps do you use to make watch faces. I see a lot of great watch faces around here and I would like to build some too.
I have experience using WatchMaker and I made few apps in the past that you can find in my Google Play store page. But you'll need WM to be able to use them.

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Coming soon!
My minimalist watch in progress that I call it SLICE - thinking of pizza, but you get the full slice only 12 times a day!
I hope you'll enjoy!
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Hey watch makers,
I'm looking to make a new watch, but I would like something different. So I was wondering where do you usually inspire? I found some interesting watches on Pinterest and Touch of Modern but is there any online store or website where you usually go for inspiration?

All the best,

Hi everyone!
I've been doing Smart Watch Faces for a while now and always sharing my works on Play Store and then on a Google Plus Community, but since last night every-time I share a link on my profile or in the community my post is automatically removed!
Please help!

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Hi Friends, after a long time HAMMER got a refresh!
Here's what's new in this release:

- 3 New Backgrounds - 4 in total
- Tap 12 to swap between backgrounds
(metal, glass, sand and carbon fiber)
- Tap 6 for more colors
- DIM mode complete redesign
- Minor bugs fixed

Hope you like this new update!
HAMMER for WatchMaker
HAMMER for WatchMaker

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Hi Friends, you asked I listen! POWER v5.0 is now out!
Here's what's new in this release:

- 2 NEW Background Styles - Black Leather and Dirty Metal (6 in total)
- Date, Steps and Weather are now Always ON, including in DIM mode.
- Performance increased - better compression for images,
- Lighter apk file - 1.6Mb vs 2.2Mb.
- Minor bugs fixed.
- Tap center to see Phone and Watch battery location.

Hope you like this new update!
POWER for WatchMaker
POWER for WatchMaker

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Hi everyone, here's my new WM concept - HUD!
The high-tech watch face that provides you all the information you need!

Step Counter, Weather Temp.,
Current Day and Date,
Phone and Watch Battery
Tap 12 to swap between 4 different styles,
Tap 6 for your color,
Tap center to rotate bezel.

Please support by providing 5 Stars positive feedback!
Copyright Stefan Boiangiu, all rights reserved!
HUD for WatchMaker
HUD for WatchMaker
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