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Matthew Wester
Grounded in truth, Growing in community, Giving out of grace
Grounded in truth, Growing in community, Giving out of grace

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I See You Abattoir
Every year I challenge myself with a "project." In 2016 it was the Tim Challies Reading Challenge. In 2015 it was an Artists Bible Reading Plan where I found art for every section of the Bible. This year, believe it or not, I'm still plugging away at my "Li...

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Looking Back at 2016
Reading Plans This year (2016) I tackled the reading challenge put out by Christian blogger Tim Challies. It was a fun time. Finding a book to fit each category was like a scavenger hunt. And then there was the added layer of being able to share progress wi...

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Encyclopaedia Britannica (Life-Sized Word Search #9)
I just finished The Know-It-All by A.J. Jacobs, a book about what it's like reading the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica. The book is a celebration of learning. It's about the randomness and the interconnectedness of things. And it's about the absurdities of ...

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Life-Sized Word Search #8 (starting on ad-)
Did you know that The Hobbit has been translated into Latin? I know that now because I found a copy at a local bookstore. My wife was with me that day so somehow, incredibly, she convinced me not to purchase it. Her argument was that owning The Hobbit in La...

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Life-Sized Word Search #7
When was the last time language excited you? Perhaps you got a kick learning a new word? Or maybe you heard someone talking in another language and became mesmerized by the music of that mysterious code? My 11-month-old is discovering the world, and with it...

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Life-Sized Word Search #6 (aa- through ac-)
Today I'm sharing the next piece of my will-someday-be-very-tedious word search list. I'm on the hunt for vocab words in the aa- to ac- range! Though in a Stephen King book I also came across the words 'anhedonia' and 'stipplework,' two words that I may nev...

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Life-Sized Word Search #5 (aa- through ac-)
I can't count the video above for my Word Search (because I found it on the Internet) but what a great find for the word 'abracadabra!' I've been on the hunt for words starting with aa-, ab-, or ac-. Here's my list: A-frame: pg. 35 and 36 of Stranger Room b...

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Gaming Faith
Recently I’ve used this blog to chronicle some ways I’m trying to grow in faith. For example, in 2015 I found a piece of art/media for every passage in the Bible. These challenges may seem silly (because they are) but really it’s just a fun way to spark som...

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Life-Sized Word Search #4
Recent finds: A-Team, A-List, A-Bomb (seen in pictures) In the book Growing Your Faith by Giving it Away (which I rated 3 out of 5 stars): page 74 abstract, 79 abyss, 90 absorbed, 92 able, 95 & 97 about, 97 abbreviated, 107 absence, 146 absent, 133 abandon,...

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Life-Sized Word Search #3
You're surrounded by great words! I'm learning that you don't have to look very far for unexpected, interesting word choices. For example, have you ever learned a new word and then started to see it pop up everywhere? There's actually a scientific term for ...
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