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Matthew Cowan changed his profile photo.
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Looks like you are getting up in the world. I remember how you dressed when you first went to work for me.
so so so beautiful! can you send a little fog to the Lower East Side? just .. the exact amount that will fit in that hand of yours will be enough for my 600 sq ft :)
That looks like a reasonable climb and stance. I never understood those who could be killed by a gust of wind doing that at 26,000 feet (more likely a change in the weather would get them on the way down). I do admire a guy more for doing this kind of stuff when he clearly has a lot to live for back home. I've seen documentaries of extreme adventurists who clearly didn't have a life otherwise. George Mallory and Toni Kurz are giants to me not because they died trying to do the impossible, but because both had a lot to lose (a great home life, etc).
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