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Wonderful view and I like the sky and reflections. Beautiful image.

Enrich your stream by circling this amazing landscape photographer.
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HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY! And in honour of this day here is a photo with green in it! Albeit the Green Mist, but it is green nonetheless! HOWEVER we need to remember something on this day, an important PSA nay an important SAFETY announcement! DO NOT MAKE YOUR BEER GREEN! You don't mess with beer by putting other things into it! Beer is made, by an artist, for you, how that person intended the beer to be (GOOD OR BAD) is exactly how it should be consumed! Down with your green beer! Leave green on the fields, or in the sky as it were, but leave it out of my beer! That is all.
Here is a smaragdine sky.
#Nikon D600
#Rokinon 14mm
30 sec
#Stpatrick #GreenMist #AuroraBorealis #NorthernLights #Nightphotography #Nightsky #Canada #Alberta #YEG #Edmonton

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