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Free Geocaching client for Android
Free Geocaching client for Android


We released a new version 2018.02.05 including an urgent fix as well as some new features and fixes.

Please update your installation to get full functionality!

Change Note:
· Urgent: GC site change, waypoints of caches not loaded
· New: Waypoint support for empty coordinates
· New: Store all or only unsaved caches from map
· New: Confirm discarding unsaved waypoint changes
· New: D/T rating in log signature
· New: PQ import in cachelist menu
· New: Waypoint notes streamlined
· New: Treat locked caches as archived
· New: Translation to Turkish
· Fix: List sometimes forgets number of caches loaded
· Change: Reset cookies on login failure
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Spread the message:

c:geo needs translation into several languages.
If you would like to help us, you can help us translating the app on

Following languages need translations:
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Dear c:geo users,
first of all a Happy New Year 2018 to all of you. Have a great year with a lot of cache finds! :)

We noticed some sporadic outages of yesterday and today, which means, that the login with c:geo and using online functions with c:geo might also fail sporadically.
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We just published a new release 2017.12.06!

It includes urgent bugfixes (waypoints and disabled/archived state not shown) as well as a bunch of new features.

Please update your installation to get normal functionality and even some nice new features:
- Fix: Waypoints of caches not loaded after website change
- Fix: Disabled and archived state not shown after website change
- New: Coordinate calculator (New Waypoint - Calculate Coordinates)
- New: Log image upload for Opencaching
- New: Support OpenCaching GPX format extensions
- Fix: Improve parsing of home coordinates
- Fix: Some possible crashes on map
- Fix: Correctly display pictures with relative URLs
- Fix: Possible crash when starting directory selection
and some more...
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Did you join our beta testing program yet?

Since some days we have a new beta version out, which has some new feature, one of them being the waypoint calculator you see in the picture.

We are looking forward for your feedback, so think about becoming beta tester and help us to further improve c:geo.

Subscribe here to receive the new beta version via Google Play:
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We just pubslihed a new bugfix release (2017.10.23):
- Fix: Cache description not shown completely if it contains the new gc. com coord checker

We are not supporting the new checker yet, but this might be implemented in a next step.
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We published a new bugfix release (2017.10.10)!

- Fix: Search broken for user names containing plus sign
- Fix: Crash in map directory selection on some devices
- Fix: OC cache coordinates parsing crashed seldomly

Please update your installation!
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Today we published a new bugfix release 2017.08.23:
- Fix: Logging caches fails due to website changes
- Fix: Username not shown on main screen login status

Please update your installation, the old version is no longer functional!
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The problem of log postings reported as failed but still being posted is happening again for some users.

We are prepared from last time this occured and will fix it as soon as possible!
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Users report, that currently trying to send a found log for a geocache returns an error message in c:geo but still the log is posted.

We are looking into this and keep you updated!
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