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Nicholas Klastava
I am a geek/tech obessed runner who loves playing a good table top game.
I am a geek/tech obessed runner who loves playing a good table top game.

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Recovery post race and starting a new training cycle
My Winter Season commenced on Boylston Street in
Boston over 2 weeks ago and ended a pretty successful season.   After any season I think it’s really important to not only look back and figure out what worked and didn't but also take some downtime for

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2017 Boston Marathon Recap - No Excuses
The 2017 Boston Marathon weekend was full of fun,
excitement, and so much pain but ended up in great joy and this will recap my
exciting weekend adventure.   Before I get
into that I am beyond blessed for all the support I received from so many
people befor...

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My 2017 and Some Pre-Boston Thoughts
My 2017 started off amazing, I now have a new member of my
family my amazing beautiful daughter Chloe Anne Klastava and she is my
world. I'm a Dad!  Being beat down and injured post
JFK it became easy to shift my focus on her but finally in early January I

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2016 - The Year in Review
With only a week or so left in 2016, this year will probably
go down as one of the best years of my life. 
When I think back on everything that happened and all I accomplished in
running and in the rest of my life it was really an amazing year.  For starter...

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JFK 50 Miler Post Race Recap
Edited by: The Great Meg McNew  Be forewarned: this will be long, but since it was my first real ultra I
want to capture everything so I can look back one day.   What I ended up with was a day where I missed
what I thought I was capable of running and almos...

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JFK50 The PreRace
With all my training behind me and 4
miles to go I wanted to get out a blog post before the race with my thoughts
and feelings of how everything went and how I feel before the race.   Training started after my brief 10 day
recovery from breaking two toes fr...

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My Keys to Running Success
It’s been a while since I
blogged and I wanted to write a post on some of my keys to running or
achieving goals and what has helped me the past few years and this year.   Below are what I find are the three biggest
things that have kept me motivated and run...

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Nutrition and Supplies
I’ve wanted to do a blog post on my nutrition products and
supplies and give a shout out to some of many favorites for many months now.   So I finally decided to sit down and write
all about them and give some insight to everything I use to help me stay on ...

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Working on your Weaknesses!
Up until about a week ago I was a man without a goal race
for this fall and my racing plans were ALL over the place.  Basically every week I was telling someone a
different race it would be fun to peak for. 
My original plan of the Berlin Marathon was suppo...

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You’re an Ultra Runner, Nick!(And possibily a wizard) My Rosaryville 50k Race Recap
(It’s a lot of words, but it’s also a lot of race!) Back in March I hung around Susquehanna State Park watching
300+ runners take on the HAT run.  31
Miles, on a cold morning on a pretty hilly course, and it was my first real
view into the world of Ultra Ru...
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