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Happy New Year 2016
The year
2015 is ending very shortly. I wish
every readers of my blog an exciting new year ahead that is full of happiness
and prosperity. From my
blog statistics, most of my visitors comes from the US and Europe. There is
negligible traffic coming from dev...

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eCognition Tutorial: How to find segments which have lower mean value to the neighbouring segments?
I have segmented data, classified into two classes: 1, 2. I would like
to find segments into the 1 class which are adjacent to the 2 class and have
lower mean value. The one condition should be: Existence of 2 > 0, but how
to combine it with information abo...

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Nepal, Mr. Modi and Petrol stations
I know that I haven’t posted for
a very long time for now. Please accept my sincere apology. There have been
lots of things that going around in my life. I have moved to my home country
Nepal after almost 10 years of stay in Europe in February 2015.  Unfort...

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MATLAB Tutorial: Finding trees and buildings from LiDAR with limited information using Mathematical Morphology
Coming soon : Last Pulse First Pulse Classification of buildings and tree Processing TIME: < 1 sec

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MATLAB tutorial: Dividing image into blocks and applying a function
Often due to the limitation in memory, we want to divide an
image into mxn blocks and process those blocks. If your block processing outputs
an image then, you can use blockproc function in MATLAB. But, if processing
function outputs points then one can’t u...

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MATLAB Tutorial: Finding center pivot irrigation fields in a high resolution image.
In this
post, we will be talking about finding circular irrigation fields. The image
was download from here . If you want to try, download it and play around. The approach
I am using is detection of edges and finding edges that forms circular edges.
If you ...

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eCognition Tutorial: Finding vegetation and buildings from LiDAR
I have been
very busy with writing some project report. I have worked a lot with LiDAR
during my MSc time, but for my current work I am working more with optical
images. I kind off miss LiDAR. When one of my friend came to a problem with
LiDAR, I was happy ...

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