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Peter Newell
lover of people and entrepreneurship, father, developer, boss and friend.
lover of people and entrepreneurship, father, developer, boss and friend.

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How I'm sharing photospheres taken with the Google Cardboard Camera app ( using the A-Frame ( framework from the awesome mozvr team ( Thanks everyone!

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Comes with a feeling of pride in my workplace. #OptOutside   #REIEmployee  

#SEO Question: If I'm building a dynamic search page that uses pushState, do I still need to provide an implementation for escaped_fragment for AJAX crawlability? +Matt Cutts 

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Recently,  +Raphael Rouvinov and myself created a low cost medical treatment for lazy eye that uses Google Cardboard at MHacks IV(a weekend technology competition where it won "Most Innovative"!). It uses Cardboard in place of expensive VR headsets for the treatment, making it feasible for people to adults to treat their lazy eye in their own homes for the first time ever. It's based on recent research and clinical trials by R. Hess et al on treating lazy eye with Virtual Reality and video games, and it has been shown to be the only effective way to treat lazy eye in adolescents and adults. It also beats out the eye patch treatment method used in young chidren, but the VR method works on people of all ages, not just kids 12 and under. The process is simple - one eye sees part of the game while the other sees the other part: you essentially force your eyes to work together to play the game. This helps your dominant eye become less dominant and your lazy eye become less 'lazy' until you reach binocular vision again.
The app is almost ready to ship, we plan on releasing it for free, and it currently features Tetris.
Here's an outdated screenshot - it's from 2 weeks ago at MHacks. 
Comment any suggestions or whether you wanna be notified when it comes out.
If you have friends or family with lazy eye, tell them about it!

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I'm actively seeking new work, have done lots of web and virtual world development. If you or someone you know needs some magic made, send them my way! ‪#‎developerforhire‬ ‪#‎oculus‬

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Updated blog post for better communicating some of the implications, check it out, rift or not!

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Hey look, I made a demo.

#oculusrift   #threejs  
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