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The rise of ebooks and self-publishing

After arguing with myself for more than a year, I bought a Kindle Touch (the cheap model) two weeks ago. I like it, mostly, and I have read a couple of books on the device. The screen is quite readable, but I have some complaints about the user interface.

Yesterday, I was in a conversation with a senior marketing director for one of the Big Six book publishing companies. I described to her how I was a life-long book reader, but I had recently given most of my books to an English language library here in Mexico. My reasoning is that I want to own less physical stuff, but there are some books I like to read again. She said I was a good example of why and how and why the book publishing business is in a revolutionary change.

The marketing director said that for her company more than half of sales are now books in electronic form. She added that forecasts are for 80% of sales to be ebooks by 2014 (just two years away), and she would not be surprised if that figure is more than 90%.

I told her I would expect that there with the rise of ebooks there will be further consolidation of book publishing -- with the Bix Six maybe becoming the Big Two or Three. There could be a rapid rise of small independent publishers, which would mean that New York City would no longer have as much power and influence on what gets published. This would also mean a loss of jobs. I don't know whether this marketing director agreed with me or not, but she didn't respond to this possibility of a decentralization of the book publishing business.

I know some writers who have self-published their books. Two of these writers publish only ebooks. I have read about many other authors who have taken this route. What I find interesting is these writers were rejected by the Big Six before self-publishing. And yet, their books are selling and they are making money from their works.

I don't know J. A. Konrath, nor have I read any of his books. But, I do read his website about self-publishing. In the first three weeks of this past January, Konrath made $100,000 from sales of his self-published books on Amazon. That sounds unbelievable, so Konrath posts his income statements.

"One hundred grand," Konrath writes. "That's how much I've made on Amazon in the last three weeks. This is from my self-pubbed books. The ones the Big 6 rejected."

That $100,000 in three weeks was just from his self-published books. "It doesn't include any of my legacy sales, print or ebook," Konrath said. "It doesn't include audiobook sales. It doesn't include sales from other platforms. I am soooo glad I had so many books rejected."

Here is a link to Konrath's blog post about his sales:

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RETHINKING PUBLISHING - On Demand Expo coming to the Javits Center in NYC on June 13-14. If you're interested in where book publishing and digital dissemination are headed, you won't want to miss this meeting!

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