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Alright. +Theodore Westhues and I have been playing a game on the bookfaces called Music Tag for a while. What you do is you post music on someone's wall, and say "tag! you're it!" and then that person has to post music on someone else's wall (tagbacks are allowed, and encouraged, but let's spread the love, too). Post music that that person will probably like, but which they probably haven't heard before, either.

The fact that you are reading this means that you're "it." Go. MUSIC. MUSIC!

Something nice about growing up while counterculture is being co-opted and, through no direct action on anyone's part, extinguished, is that we keepers of The Strange no longer have that silly urge to label everyone else as the "mundane."

True story. Up to about the mid-80's, that was the common term for anyone not in with SF or Fantasy literature, gaming, the occult, or whatever. They were "mundane," or "mundanes," if you're thinking of them as a group. Pick up a fanzine from the era, chances are you'll see the term in the letters section. It was a way of feeling above and beyond the reach of the people who made us feel like outsiders. I get that. But it was kind of a dick move, and in the long run, it didn't really do us any favors.

Now, though, you don't see that, or at least not nearly as often. It's not, I think, because nerds are suddenly cool, or at least depicted that way in a lot of popular culture, not because pop culture embraced us, but rather because we embraced it. The nerds that made good are the ones that pounded their vision and knowledge and passion into the world until it stuck. I've long held to the theory that counterculture doesn't exist, not because we lost, but because we won.

Not having any more "mundanes" to fight against now, of course, means we have to tackle real issues, real problems, real enemies.


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I was thinking earlier today, it might be kinda fun to go crazy like a writer in a Stephen King story. You know, kinda liberating, like.

What do you guys think, The Shining, or Secret Window, Secret Garden? Any volunteers to be my Annie Wilkes?

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I first encountered this while the Pipkins' Gimme Dat Ding was playing. It works oddly well with that, actually.

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I knew there was a reason I liked this Fry fellow.
Sunday Public Service.

Ah, it's an oldie(ish, in internet years), yes -- but on any service that's used for posting words, I find myself thinking of it at least once a day, and I haven't posted it here, yet.

So here you go. Do feel free to pass it along the next time your fingers type faster than your brain and someone points out you're typo while ignoring your point.


How the FUCK does anyone pull a muscle while playing video games? Second question, how the fuck did I do it?

Out of curiosity, anyone up for watching my Livestream? I'm doing a painting for this week's Remake/Remodel over at Whitechapel.
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