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Alright Nukes, is this possible? Or a great big error? I'm eager to hear thoughts!
GENEVA (Reuters) - An international team of scientists has recorded neutrino particles traveling faster than the speed of light, a spokesman for the researchers said on Thursday -- in what could be a ...
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No, I read the short story and it's complete nonsense. I have no idea how a CERN release was screwed up this bad, but you can be assured of a grand debunking to come.
Dang! I was so excited at the prospect of living through a true scientific paradigm shift ;) Thanks Alan!
I've got three ideas on this one...
Boring case: it's a goof
Less interesting case: we computed "c" wrong by 0.00001%
Interesting case: neutrinos are getting slingshot by the earth's gravity.
I've actually wanted to get a physicist opinion on the possibility of bumping up the value of c. The fact that light travels a certain speed in a vacuum is not 100% sufficient to obtain that value. It could be that neutrinos are ever-so-faster, but the speed limit is still there.
I thought that a vacuum is never 100% because of background energy or something, so I could imagine that neutrinos are less interactive and so they live in a better vacuum than light. But I also read that we've seen a neutrino burst coincide with a photon burst from a supernova in 1984 or something, so the photons and neutrinos seem to have the same c value in space.

That's why I'm guessing gravity/neutrino interaction, since it has to do with a near-earth effect.

If I'm right, you heard it here first! =)
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