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No time of the year is as beautiful and as bountiful as monsoon, it always comes to us as a relief from the seething hot summer season.

But the beauty for the most part lies outside our houses as inside them there are too many problems that we face.

During monsoon, no matter how sealed we keep our apartments or how many foot mats we employ we cannot avoid the entry of dirt and mud inside our homes.

The situation becomes particularly more problematic when this dirt starts settling in places like the sofa mattress in our living room or the floor tiles in our bathroom, places we are not accustomed to clean every day.
On top of this, the season also provides an ideal combination of both heat and moisture for the breeding of insects like mosquitoes, roaches, bedbugs, ants etc. which invade our houses throughout the season and can become a constant source of irritation to us.

These insects hide in the darkest and the most unreachable corners of our houses and carry along with them bacteria and viruses which in turn can cause diseases ranging from simple cough and diarrhea to fatal diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya etc.

Not only they make our houses an ugly sight for us to behold but they also constantly remind us that we are not living in hygienic surroundings.

In cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Chennai etc. where the lives are fast paced and where residents rarely find enough time to clean their houses the problem becomes more significant. So, at least once during the monsoon we must deep clean home or go for professional deep cleaning service in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai.
What is deep cleaning?
deep cleaning services in mumbai

Deep cleaning house is something that we do when we decide to thoroughly clean every little portion of our house.

It is absolutely necessary for us to deep clean home at least three times in an year to make it as beautiful and clean as we want it to be.

It is more than just the normal dusting and sweeping of the house that we do every day; home deep cleaning services involves many little things.

It is easy to get confused and to miss out on one of those little things while we tackle the big problem. So, to help you tackle these things in a more organized way here are few steps that we should follow while deep cleaning house.
Steps to deep clean house
deep cleaning services

Tackling the big problem

Floor: First of all we must thoroughly brush and scrub the floor of our house and try to remove all the stains that are on it. After that, we should wipe it using proper disinfectants.

Walls and Ceilings: Normally when we clean our houses we tend to leave the walls and the ceilings of the house untouched and in time they become infested with spiders and insects which make it their dwelling place.

But it isn’t hard to clean them, we can easily clear them by using either our vacuum cleaner or by using a simple dust cloth and a feather duster.

Electrical Appliances and Furniture: Nowadays we have plenty of electrical appliances and furniture inside our homes.

So, before deep cleaning house, we should first take a pen and a paper and make an inventory of all the electrical appliances and furniture that we posses, in that we should include everything from the ceiling fan and refrigerator to the table and the tube lights.

After that, we should clean all of them one by one systematically using first a dry cloth to dust them and then a wet cloth to wipe them.

Mirrors and windows: No one likes to see dust patches when they are looking outside their windows or inside their mirrors.

But, to clean them isn’t a difficult job at all; it’s something that most of us do from time to time.

All we have to do is to just sprinkle some glass cleaner on the mirror or the windowpane that we want to clean and then wipe it with a cloth.
Targeting specific areas

Kitchen Cleaning: Kitchen is the most frequently used portion of the house and is said to harbor more germs and insects than any other portion.

We are required to clean it at least one time in a day and to give it a thorough cleaning at least once in two months. Following are some of the things that we must do when we decide to thoroughly deep clean kitchen:

Take all the items out of the refrigerator and then wipe and disinfect it.
Thoroughly wipe and clean microwave and all the other electrical appliances.
Take all the items out of the cabinet, drawers and shelves in the kitchen and then clean and disinfect them.
Carefully brush and scrub the sink.

Bathroom Cleaning: The closed and damp environment of bathroom makes it an ideal dwelling place for germs and other microorganisms.

To keep it clean and dry we must wipe it multiple times every day. But, despite of our hardhearted efforts there are many places like the corner of the floor tiles and the base of the bath tub where dust easily gets settled.

To clean the bathroom isn’t a difficult job at all. We must remember to do the following things while we decide to deep clean bathroom:

Brush and scrub thoroughly both the floor tiles and the bathtub.
Clean the faucets and pipes with a brush.
Take all the items out of the cabinets, drawers and shelves and then clean and disinfect them.
Clear the drains and sinks.

Cleaning Sofa and Carpet: Dust and mud frequently find their way into our carpets and sofas. We can eliminate a portion of the dust by using a vacuum cleaner. But nevertheless a portion of the dust remains attached to the fabric.

So, to clean them properly we must do something known as carpet shampooing in case of carpets and sofa shampooing in case of sofas.

It isn’t a complicated a complicated process, it just involves three easy steps.

Wipe and clean the sofa or carpet using a brush or a vacuum cleaner.
Dry clean it using fabric soda.
Apply chemical treatment to it (do not use harsh chemicals).
Monsoon can be a little troublesome sometimes, but if the trouble is that of cleaning our houses then all we have to do is to tackle things in an organized way and to make a little effort on our part.
In metro cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Chennai etc. where life is too fast paced and even a little effort seems too much, there we can always contact the professionals to tackle the problem.
Hicare Home Cleaning Services offers all the above mentioned home deep cleaning services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and many more deep cleaning house services; we have our centers in all the major cities of the country to provide you deep house cleaning services throughout the country, we are well renowned professionals in the business and provide the best home deep cleaning services.
All the chemicals and disinfectants that we use are certified and Eco-friendly.
So, if the problem of dirt and insects has been troubling you for long then call us on 39889988, our professionally trained technicians will reach all the unreachable corners of your house and make your house clean and beautiful.

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As we got into the house keeping business, we understood that it is the mix of craftsmanship and a science.

Ideal from utilizing Eco-friendly chemicals and high grade hardware and the strategy of utilizing them and getting the best outcomes out with the assistance of a group is simply the real house cleaning.

The name proposes that housekeeping is an expert undertaking of cleaning the place with each niche and corner continually cleaned to expel all of a hardheaded stain and dirt.

We, at Hicare, send our experts at your home to offer you the best housekeeping services in the city as per your comfort.

Why do we require our homes cleaned?
A messy house is a rearing spot for germs and infection which will additionally welcome rats and cockroaches.

Deep cleaning and scouring the floor is not something one can oversee alone.

Accordingly, it is important for each property holder to get their home deeply cleaned every so often by the expert cleaners.

How we clean homes at Hicare


Beginning with the cleaning service from this zone, our group of experts guarantees that it is completely wiped from back to front. We don't leave any corners or divider unattended as we comprehend that where you rest must be flawlessly cleaned.


Our zone to concentrate on is your kitchen and we spend over 3 hours to get this place without germs and splendidly shining.

Living room

The living room is last however not the minimum as we stick around in cleaning the couches, roof and floor completely.

Finishing Touch

When we have our work done right, the job is not over yet! We will have our experts to do the last cleanup and make your home the best and most secure place to remain by giving your home that additional sparkle from our end.

We, at Hicare, are best known for our deep cleaning services in Mumbai and sofa shampooing services. To book any professional home cleaning service in Mumbai, you can contact us through our site

5 Everyday Things you’re probably forgetting to Clean

Between and under the sofa cushions

Despite the fact that you should change the couch cover all the time, it is not yet completely clean from dirt and germs.

With a lot of household chores in your day by day schedule, you may pass up a great opportunity a few spots where day by day tidying and cleaning is required.

The one such spot is ideal underneath your couch or between the holes of your sofa and cushion placed.

You ought to clean this region precisely and incidentally to not give the dirt and dust a chance to settle down as the place is profoundly inclined to gather dirt.
Behind Wall Art and Television

The wall is the place which goes disregarded all the time while cleaning the house.

On the off chance that you will backpedal and attempt to think, when was the last time you got your region behind the wall art cleaned, the vast majority of us would fail to recollect.

Be that as it may, much the same as electronic merchandise, even wall art are inclined to gather clean as it stays untouched.

As your blinds shield from germs, they are exceptionally vulnerable to get filthy and inclined to germs.

Along these lines, you ought to wipe them down completely with a bit of fabric incidentally on the grounds that the dust would stay regardless of the possibility that you close the blinds.
Remote Control

The remote control is the most cleaned object which goes uncleaned and unnoticed.

There's a great deal to stress when a remote control is not altogether cleaned with a wet wipe.

You ought to be frequently cleaning or wiping your cell phone, earphone or some other contraptions you are encompassed with all the time.

Every so often, it is important to get down and deep clean your home to dispose of those germs and dirt amassed around the tiles.

Yes, it is a terrible undertaking to do, however similarly essential for keeping up a sound air in the house.

Presently when you will clean your home, bear in mind to think back on these zones amid your home cleaning services.

We, at Hi Care, are best known for our deep cleaning and sofa cleaning service in mumbai. To book any expert home cleaning service in Mumbai, you can contact us through our site
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