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Whenever I write about generating traffic or building an email list, I have guest blogging at the top of my list. Even though it’s a great way to drive traffic, there is an art to it. I took Jon Morrows Guest Posting course, and there are a considerable number of steps that’ll you’ll need to take before contacting the owner of the blog.

First, you need to check out the blogs you’ll be pitching to. Even if your niche match is good you still need to read a bunch of posts and to try to find out who the key players are on the blog you’ll be targeting. You will want to try to match the tone and language of the blog that you are targeting as well as the length and number of words.

Next, you’ll need to know how to craft an email that will gain the attention of the owner that you’re trying to pitch to. You need to be brief and to the point. Make sure you have an excellent, professional outline for your pitch.

You will want to make sure that you are following the directions that the blog owner has laid down for guest posting. You need to follow them to the letter.

Finally, if you get a chance to write for a well-known blog , do all of your research on the front end and find out what is keeping the readers of the blog up at night. You can use research tools like Buzzsumo to check out what the highest read and shared posts were.

Finally, if you need a quick list of the different sites that accept guest posts are you can check these out:

Guest Post Tracker – This is a site that has a list of 928 blogs that allow guest posts. This site also provides a service that helps you track and approach those blogs.

Peter Sandeen’s Site – Peter Sandeen is an online marketing guru, and he’s compiled a list of 140 sites that he thinks are pretty sweet for guest bloggers.

The Shout Me Loud Blog – This resource has about 40 blogs that are about blogging and accept guest bloggers. This is a great site for those of you that are bloggers and like writing about it.

The Web Marketing Saga Blog – This blog states, “Get the Most Out Of Your Blog” and it certainly tries to live up to its theme.

Easy M6 – This site has an ultimate list to guest blogging, but I would probably say that there are a lot of sites that say they have an “ultimate guide”.

I hope this post finds you well and I wish you and your awesome blog a Happy New Year!

One of the best ways you can quickly get targeted traffic and people of influence linking to your site is by guest posting. Even though you’re guest posting on someone else’s blog you’ll still need to make sure that you … Continue reading →
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