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As you wish...
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Can't wait to watch this again. One of these days.
As BB has now gone, we should have our own DVD lending library somewhere...
I love that film. As far as DVD libraries go, I know some people swear by checking them out via the public library system. We've had Netflix for a little while now and think it's OK, although it seems to better for discovering films you didn't know you wanted to see in the first place. 
We haven't used Netflix, as we have a subscription to Zip. That works well, but we have put the subscription on hold for the past 5 months, choosing instead to do more creative things. That also is working well (!) but sometimes it is relaxing to sit down with a movie. The good thing about Zip is that you receive up to 11 movies a month and we used to have up to 4 at a time, including those in the post sending or arriving. That is also the bad thing about Zip. It's the feeling that you HAVE to watch a movie to get your money's worth. :-\
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