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Hadn't played The Pitt DLC from Fallout 3 before. Collecting these steel ingots is hard since once I fell through a wall and got stuck behind it and now I just fell through a floor to my death. Oh, Bethesda.

I had my first cellphone around 1998 and one of the big features was that it was "always on" and I could use it anytime because a phone has to be connected to a network. But guess what, I can play games on my iPhone in Airplane Mode! And I can leave the phone that way for more than a day and still play. Bad example, Mattrick. Microsoft employees need to just stop talking because every time someone there says something they just keep digging the hole deeper. 

Come on Skins D, cover the receivers.

Oh Google+,  I wish more people used you.

Days off would be so much better if there was running water. Thanks neighbor with the busted water line. You know, my shower has been draining very well the last two weeks, I wonder if it will magically get stopped up again.

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Dan and Joe are so great as antagonists.

I have slept less than an hour the past two days. But playing The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles not only woke me up, but rejuvenated me to the point where I feel like I could go another two days without sleep.

It shows how addicted to Skyrim I am that I was glad to see that The Walking Dead is on hiatus until February.

According to Psych, William Shatner is John Cena's father.

I like my Markarth house so much better than my Whiterun house. Way more bookcases, weapon racks, and space. Too bad the housecarl isn't another woman.
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