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Baku Dispatch #3: Lost at sea sea freight is MIA. The company that shipped it from the US says it's been here for over two weeks and should be in customs (if not through). The company here in Baku says it hasn't yet arrived. They are going to get back to us.

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Dispatch from Baku: In a land far, far away
We had a great flight from Houston, but got very little sleep on the plane. Leaving at 4:30 pm seemed like a great idea, but both Bella and I were up until about 10 pm and our plane landed at 2 am CDT / 8 am UK time. As soon as we saw the sunlight, both of ...

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Listening to Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me and I had to lol at the text acronyms the FBI has compiled in their secret internet glossary. What people will use the FOIA to procure... Who uses these? Comment if you do! NIFOC: Naked in front of the computer BOGSAT...

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Appy Monday #1 - Brit+Co
You will hate me after you download this app. Why? Because you will spend hours and hours perusing the DIY projects, the "oh my gosh I had no idea this existed" products and the "I can't wait to make this" recipes. Brit Morin is the next-gen Martha Stewart ...

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Hi! First things first, for the followers of Uncommon Roots : don't worry! Uncommon Roots has moved to Tumblr. This space will be for my personal blog, which will occasionally talk about genealogy, but will be lots of other stuff too! Uncommon Roots will be...

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I took one wiht FamilyTreeDNA before Ancestry purchased them. I've just recently had a match reach out to me. I hope they are my missing link to Georgia.
Have you taken an AncestryDNA test? Tell us about your experience:

Hi, I'm in Houston!

Lowcountry Africana has made the Freedmans Bureau records available online for free!

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