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Blood Moon and Spica
Apparently, I'm not the first one to post a shot of this.  But I'm not the last, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.  The star Spica, in the lower right, is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and the 15th brightest star in the night sky. It is a blue giant located 260 light years from Earth.
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Good work +Garry McCarthy 
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Agave - An Intimate Landscape
Reposted for #minimalmonday  curated by +Olivier Du Tré 
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and........Happy Birthday +Garry McCarthy. Hope you captured the sky show well.
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Garry McCarthy

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Jake & Finn
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Oh, Jake went to UCLA, awesome. :)
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Nighttime at the Wave

My submission to the Plus One Collection.
#PlusOneCollectionIII   #PlusOneCollection2013  
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Stunning shot +Garry McCarthy 
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+Gustavo Lazo - No, that's not me.  This was taken at Ocotillo Wells off-highway vehicle park in California; I've been there dozens of times, if not hundreds.  Been up the hill next to this ditch a few times, as well; it's very steep, very narrow and very silty, and it switches back almost 180 degrees right here; if you get your balance just right, this can easily happen.
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Full Moon Rising - San Diego
In a few hours, this will be a "blood moon".  But for now, it's just a beautiful backdrop for the San Diego skyline.  Shot shortly after departing company with +John H. Moore & +Lisa Co from Harbor Island.
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Insane insane insane !!!
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Exquisite! The contrast of the edges lined by white against the soft gray textures is very effective.
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Garry McCarthy

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Considering he only has a handful of followers here on G+, you likely haven't seen +Lijah Hanley's photos.  This kid is good.  Please leave your comments on Lijah's page.

Yesterday I think that I officially proved that crab fishing is no longer the most dangerous job in the world. I think that I get myself into more trouble through landscape photography than any crab fisherman could get into. So yesterday I decided to make the two and a half hour trip out to the Columbia hills to photograph the wildflowers. I finally made it to the entrance of the remote park, and started down a 5 mile dirt road that led into the park. Chug, chug chug… about 2 miles in on a remote dirt road steam starts to Pour out from underneath my hood. Being completely car illiterate, I jumped out of my car, ran across the street, and waited for the car to self-destruct at any moment. I soon realized that the car had just overheated and I just needed to let it cool down and then add water (I think my car has a leak ). I called my trusty Papa who walked me through it every step of the way. With a broken car I was unable to make it the rest of the way to the campground, so I decided to go exploring from where my car was parked and photograph whatever I could. I walked about 2 miles into an open field where I found a nice grouping of lupines and balsam root flowers that I thought might make a nice foreground. So, I waited in the field for a couple hours until sunset finally arrived. As soon as the sun started to set, amazing thunderclouds floated through making for an incredible sunset. I started rapidly shooting when I caught out of the corned of my eye a really bright flash, and then just a couple seconds later came the “BANG!” Excited and kinda freaked out I photographed this amazing display of light and weather that very rarely ever formulates. The lightning kept getting closer and closer until you saw and heard the lightning at the same time. I was having a blast until I realized that I was standing in the middle of an open field, with a large metal tripod sticking into the air with a large metal camera affixed to the end of it. What stupidity! Freaking out, I began to sprint back to the car. Lightning flashing everywhere, thunder rattling my ear drums, and the rain pouring . I finally made it back to my car, and was then able to review my LCD screen. I captured the lightning striking in the amazing sunset overhead of these incredible wildflowers. I was able to encourage my car back to life (with the help of my Papa (thank Papa!)) and take off down the dirt road like I was on the set of the Dukes of hazard. I finally made it out of the storm and arrived at the nearest McDonald’s where I discovered 4 large ticks stuck to my leg, but the picture is so worth the hassle!

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yes he is. Thanks for sharing him :) Circled.

Garry McCarthy

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One of the most insanely gorgeous and cool photos I've ever seen.  Go give +Alexis Coram some love.
Rainbow Dress

A tiny experiment from a stack of around 300 images taken in Fairbanks, Alaska a week or so ago. This is what is can look like when the Milky Way dresses in Aurora Borealis :)

#alaska   #northernlights   #auroraborealis   #fairbanks   #ak   #night   #stars   #startrails   #nightsky   #magic  +Aurora Borealis +Alaska Tour & Travel
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Veramente molto bella. Complimenti. ..
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Sunset Ride
La Jolla, California
3-shot vertorama
#lajolla   #sunsetphotography   #surfingphotography  
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Have him in circles
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Dog wrangler, photographer and attorney - not always in that order.
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My photography is a mixed bag: nature, landscape, cityscape, astrophotography, underwater, and long-exposure photography.
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