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What makes a T cell become a memory T cell?
T cells, also known as helper T cells (Th cells), support B and T cell immune
responses ( more
on helper T cells ).   Once
activated, Th cells differentiate into different effectors, depending on
chemical factors in the local environment, ca...

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A New Understanding of Memory B Cell Generation in Bacterial Infections
We all know that when we’re sick,
our immune system launches a response to help rid our bodies of the invading
pathogen. But in addition to the cells generated for immediate pathogen
elimination, our immune system also generates a set of cells that stick ar...

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Caution Females with NMO: NMO-IgG and You!
immune system is absolutely extraordinary, and to an extent, even dangerous.
Our bodies target antigens, foreign bodies, by activating the immune system’s
plasma cells to produce antibodies that can eventually target the antigen.
After successful bindin...
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