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Anne Chisholm
Traveling North America in a 38 ft motorhome
Traveling North America in a 38 ft motorhome

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A Nova Scotia Summer
It was quite a trip we took this past year. We saw so many interesting things. Met many wonderful people and made lots of new friends. And had a fantastic time. And we saw so many beautiful places: The Great Smokey Mountains, the amazing beaches on the Gulf...

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Montreal and Home
There is a strong connection between Montreal and Canada's east coast. It is our nearest "big" city and, back in the day, the place to go for shopping, big city holidays, etc. Or maybe that was just our family. Mom grew up in Montreal, my sister Ruth lived ...

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Canada Day in Ottawa
Before I get to our day in Ottawa I want to tell you about a quick stop we made on our way from London to the Thousand Islands (I forgot to include it in my last post). When we first started to think about the RV lifestyle one of the blogs I found (and cont...

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Cottage Life in the Thousand islands
As many of you know, my youngest sister, Ruth, died of pancreatic cancer in late March. Two of the greatest supporters of my sister, Mary, and I during this difficult time in our lives were Ruth and Bill's friends Al and Linda. They opened their home in Mon...

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Northern Ontario, Kenora to Thunder Bay
It was a cold, wet spring in Northern Ontario and I think we experienced the brunt of it. And then we did not help the situation with the route we chose to drive from Kenora to Thunder Bay. Normally you take the Trans-Canada Highway 17 but we thought, been ...

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Banff National Park
I had a camera disaster while we were in Banff - I lost its HDMI cord. And must order a new one from the manufacturer. Which must be mailed somewhere - Nova Scotia, I suppose. Meanwhile I must improvise with a remote charger. The result of this sad story is...

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Missing in Action
Sorry there have been no posts for the last month. Since we arrived in Banff I lost my camera HDMI cord and could not download pictures. Then, when we solved that problem I ran into problems with my computer using too much data on our mifi so I must rely on...

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Driving the Icefield Parkway
Another spectacular day. On this trip we drove many of America's scenic by-ways - the Blue Mountains Parkway, The Natchez Trace, The Big Sur, The Oregon Coast. But nothing, nothing more spectacular than the Icefield Parkway in Jasper and Banff National Park...

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Time to Speed This Adventure up a Bit
The time has come for us to seriously point the Adventure Bus east and head home to Nova Scotia. In the past 7 months we drove about 13,000 kms and we have 6,000 kms still to go. In 7 weeks. With friends to visit and lots to see. It is time to hustle our bu...

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Peachland, British Columbia
As we journey around the United States and Canada many people ask "What is your favourite part of the trip so far?". That is a lot like asking which is your favourite child. And it is true. We loved every place equally. Until now. We love, love the Okanagan...
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