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Another port of #Hermes is here! Today #GameCube, thank you Fabio!

A fresh port of Hermes is here! Today Symbian OS Series 60, thank you Lars!

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Xump 2, should be a surprise to most, is also out! It's not yet perfect, but plays good! If you liked Xump, you will certainly like this here too. Downloads at - Warning you'll need a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis :)

Thanks Ragnarok, x7r, AceMan and Altraz! Let's aim for a final now!

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Hermes is released to the public now! Download via for Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Win32 and Android! Ports for Amiga OS4, Dreamcast and plenty other systems will follow!

Chase the chicken for fresh meat. Can you be fast enough? But be aware... a specific natural body function might interrupt your desire for meat!

Thanks Johan Letfors​, Lars Persson​, Denny Müller​, Krzysztof Pixel Matys​, Jan Jensen​, Roland Voss, Gisberto Rondinella​ and Fabio Olimpieri​! We made up something really sweet :)

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Retroguru along with Gisberto Rondinella are very proud to release the first Nintendo 3DS homebrew release of 2017! Xump now works flawless on Nintendo’s latest handheld and gives you headache in 48 levels (plus 32 hidden ones if you can find ‘em).

What else will happen 2017?
(1) Hermes is almost done and comes with a superb goodie! The goodie will be available digital and physical. Maybe we can really do it in time for Revision 2017 this time.
(2) A secret, tiny side project is cooking up with the help of Jana/2DRP! First visual results are real and existing.
(3) Retroguru will hit the Sega Genesis! wink Veloxx!
(4) We will team up with DragonBox Shop again to create physical releases.
(5) We have three unfinished projects, mood depending they might turn into something nice.

A big thank you goes out to every single Retroguru Team-Member (in no order): Rodolphe Boixel, Denny Müller, Shahzad Sahaib, Simon Butler, Alexander Wiklund, Anne Claire Riffaud-Declercq, Jane Mumford, Alexander Oldemeier, David Wuttke, Brendan Ratliff, Adam Karol, Christian Hildenbrand, Virgile Metier, Benjamin Klüter, Andrew Lemon, Johan Letfors, Jan Jensen, Andre Hänsel, Krzysztof Matys, Roland Voss, Frank Wille, Yannick Erb, Scott Smith, Xavier Vallejo, Lars Persson, Sergei Kolesnikov, Andreas Neukötter, David Ryskalczyk, Artur Rojek, James Higgs, Fabio Olimpieri, Manuel Alfayate, Bruno Marie, Gisberto Rondinella and “Notaz”.

Certainly, the one or other person is not that active anymore, but that could change! Let’s rock 2017 together!

Stay retro!

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With the help of Gisberto Rondinella we were able to start porting our games to Nintendo 3DS. The first Retroguru game to run on the Nintendo 3DS was Fruit’Y, which is now followed by Sqrxz 4, a horribly difficult Jump’n’Think game. This makes Sqrxz 4 available for more than 20 platforms!

Lots of love from the Retroguru team and enjoy the new release, just ready in time for the weekend! Thanks a ton to Gisberto keeping up the great work!

#sqrxz #retroguru #nop90 #homebrew #nintendo3ds #3ds #freeware

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Fruit'Y v1.00 (Final) for Nintendo 3DS is ready! Please update. Thanks to nop90 for the hard work! One of the Sqrxz parts coming up next for Nintendo 3DS :)

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What a great wonderful Saturday. This day will be making history, marking the day where Retroguru hits the Nintendo 3DS! With the help of our new member Gisberto Rondinella, who goes by the nickname nop90, we are now able to present Fruit'Y for the Nintendo 3DS. It's in public beta stage, so please let us know if you find any issues and how you like the game at all. Full credits go to Gisberto for his hard work! Please kindly note that Fruit'Y for Nintendo 3DS is homebrew software and not endorsed or approved by Nintendo.

Get Fruit'Y for Nintendo 3DS here:

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We welcome Gisberto, who goes by the nick Nop90, to our Retroguru family. He will take care of porting things over to the Nintendo 3DS! There are already few non Retroguru games which he ported, so head over to to get an impression of his talents!

In cooperation with Amiga Future you were already able to play Sqrxz 4 for Amiga OCS almost for a month. Now the game is also available for everyone else as a digital download, free of charge. Please keep in mind, the Sqrxz series is intended to be very difficult. If Sqrxz is not for you, we do have other games, which might be fitting the mainstream taste.

Frank Wille did a perfect job on this re-coded game. It pushes the classic Amiga truly to it’s limits. The game runs as a whole with 50 frames per second. The great tunes by Alexander Wilkund and Johan Letfors will get tears in your eyes… and the bloody level design by Shahzad Sahaib will keep you busy for hours. Not to forget the great artwork by Simon Butler and Jan Jensen. Helping hand as usual Denny Müller. Simon is up to paid work at the moment… so if you need a great and reliable artist, you know to whom to talk to!

We also plan a physical boxed edition, just as we did with Sqrxz 3. It will be on a pay what you want base, but minimum 8 EUR including shipping to Germany or Austria to cover our expenses. If you want to get us more than this, we also wont say no :) Please contact us, if we should put a copy for you on side.
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