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MS State Fair #TBT Edition
I did not grow up going to any sort of Fair. I feel that this has added to my adult obsession with the State Fair, but I don't know. I just love it. I love the sights, the rides, the food, the sounds, and most of the smells. Yesterday's trip to the Fair h...

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Well, Shut My Mouth
The end times may be upon us. This weekend I found myself and innocent child in a place where I never thought I would be. That's right. North Mississippi. Oxford, MS. To be specific. The Grove, MS. To be more specific. It is usually hard enough to endure fo...

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Five on Friday
one Yesterday, Beau man went for his very first haircut. It was time. I cut his hair myself once because a young man can only live with a rat tail so long before people begin to assume that it is by choice and not nature. However, he was due for the real ...

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Beach Bum Baby
According to the calendar, September 23rd is officially the beginning of Fall. Although in the Sip, we can catch Fall at the end of November for about a day. As an end of Summer tribute, I thought a look back at our two beach trips this Summer was in order....

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Well, Hey There!
Summer came. And it went. And I didn't post one thing in this little space. Hopefully, my memories will serve me well in my old age when dementia has set in and I cannot remember what we did last Thursday, much less in the Summer of 2014. Who am I kidding? ...

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Beau Grows! And other thoughts.
March is flying by a world record pace. I heard through the grapevine that today is the first day of Spring! I for one CANNOT wait for pretty weather. I missed the sun this Winter. So come on Spring! Even if you bring the nasty pollen. Speaking of things gr...

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Happy Valentine's Day!
Beau says, "Will you be my Valentine?" Beau gave this Valentine to his teachers at school,  Ms. Camellia and Ms. Arianna. Beau enjoyed his photo shoot this morning. It is a GOOD thing I took these pictures on account of the little stinker spit up EVERYWHERE...

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Beau is 5 months old!
I cannot believe my little baby is 5 months old! This is the last month that he will be closer to the day he was born than to one year old! That is crazy to me. He is getting HUGE. So, I figured I should record some stats here so one day I can fill his baby...

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Hello February!
I cannot believe that it is already February! This month will sure be filled with fun. Family birthdays, Mardi Gras, and lots of just "regular" days, but hey, those are fun too!  We already have had some fun this month! We started with a trip to Monroe to v...

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Because everyone at times needs a listening ear.
Meet Whitney Caves , LPC. Whitney is a counselor at  Crossroads Counseling Center  where she comes along side individuals whatever their circumstances may be to provide wise counsel and encouragement through biblical truths. (Her words from the website.) Wh...
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