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Day 31
Today was day 1 of skiing at Alpe d'Huez, we got here last night at took off for skiing this morning at about 9:30. I'm here with Clara, Thibault (her brother) and their parents, were staying in a big rented apartment with another family with two little boy...

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Day 29
Today Clara's mom drove us to the bus stop where we met up with two of her friends, I think we were waiting for more friends who were supposed to come but never did. We sat near the bus stop for over an hour and I was so bored. Finally we got on a bus, then...

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Day 28
I can't believe that I've almost been here for a month! Today was pretty chill, were going on a ski vacation next week and Clara needed gloves and we had to go to three stores to find them, then we ran some more errands and that was the outing of the day. L...

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Day 27
Today I went into Grenoble with Clara and two of her friends Clementine and Marine. We shopped a little bit but I didn't buy anything, we went to a coffee shop called "French Coffee Shop" they have really good cookies I got a "Cookie Chocolat Noir," which w...

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Day 26
Today we went on a shopping trip to Lyon. We went shopping at Confluence, which is a mall where we went to Zara (where I got a pair of pants), a store called Mango and a book store called Decitre where I was able to find a book in English, because I need so...

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Day 25
Didn't really do anything today, I hung out in my bed watching Grey's Anatomy online until about 3:00 when I went out with Clara's mom to bring her grandma to the train/bus station. We've had various grandparents here for almost 2 weeks so its strangely qui...

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Day 23
This post was written yesterday and is being published today, so when I say today I mean yesterday. Today was a pretty chill day, I slept in until 12 and Clara and her friends got their haircut before I even woke up. Later on we went to Clara's friend Agath...

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Day 22
Today was the last school day before break which is awesome, school ended at 4:30 instead of 5:30 because the english teacher just didn't show up! I found out that Victoria can't meet up in Lyon on Tuesday which is super sad :( so were trying to organize it...

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Day 21
The temperature dropped yesterday and it was really cold today, floating around 0ºC, which is nothing compared to Toronto where its like -15º! I just really don't like the mixture of cold and damp and I don't have my warm coat or boots with me :( Luckily, I...

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Day 20
Nothing much is going on today, its a sweats on sweats day I'm just chilling in bed watching Grey's Anatomy and online shopping. I Skyped my best friend Victoria for a little while because Clara's doing some homework. I wanted to go for a run but the weathe...
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