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#fumesonmyplane  *We have launched a short survey to hear about your experiences on any flight you have taken where you experienced fumes or smoke; help us bring your concerns to the heart of government - Thank you for helping!*

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Here we make a 2nd call to action on this hotel on Majorca

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An important tool for Consumers, wherever they are travelling to!
Travelling by air? Check if your carrier is safe on our new search tool for banned airlines We are launching today an online tool to search the list of airlines that are subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union, better known as "the EU Air Safety List".

With the new tool, finding information is easier, faster and more effective. Type in a country, an airline name, or an ICAO airline code and you will know whether or not an airline is on the EU Air Safety List.

More about EU Air safety list

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