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What Does a Personal Chef Do?
Key components of a job as a personal chef include administrative work, meal planning, grocery shopping and in-home food preparation and cooking for clients.

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What's the Deal With Upscale Ramen?
The popularity of upscale ramen can be attributed to factors like its exotic familiarity, its comforting nature, its affordable ingredients and the fact that it can be customized to particular diets and food trends.

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Culinary Trends Predicted for 2016: Part 2
Some of the many culinary trends forecast for 2016 include highly customizable cuisine, artisan snacks and sodas, poke and tip-free restaurants.

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2016's Culinary Trends: Part 1
Just some of 2016’s top culinary trends include sweet and spicy role reversals, extreme brunch menus, vegetable noodles, the elimination of GMOs and an increase in digital ordering and delivery.

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5 Wintertime Comfort Foods That Are Surprisingly Easy to Prepare
This winter, make a variety of warming and comforting dishes like hot spinach dip, slow-cooker lasagna, stuffed baked potatoes, meat loaf and cauliflower mac and cheese.

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5 Ways to Prepare to Be a Head Chef
Some of the most effective ways to prepare to become a head chef include reading about cuisine, tasting as much as possible, apprenticing under a head chef, creating a culinary niche and attending a cooking school.

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10 Minute Nacho Cheese - Damn Delicious

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Is Vegetarianism Gaining Popularity in America?
The rise of vegetarianism in the United States can at least partially be attributed to the widespread availability of typical vegetarian foods, a focus on plant-based nutrition, celebrity vegetarians in the spotlight and the lower costs of a meat-free diet.

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How to Set Healthy Eating Goals for 2016
To improve your health, set healthy eating goals that focus on foods you love, adding rather than subtracting foods, making monthly changes and looking beyond weight loss.

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5 Major Benefits of a Travel and Tourism Degree
Some of the top advantages of a college degree in travel and tourism include the chance to meet people from around the world, opportunities for global employment, preparation for hotel careers, keys to entrepreneurship in hospitality and skills that can help you throughout your career across multiple industries.
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