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Front-End Developer, dog sitting in a guitar case
Front-End Developer, dog sitting in a guitar case


I'm just wondering if anyone knew whether or not anything other than numbers could be used for a time-based Trigger. I've got an event I'd like to trigger to run semi-randomly every few hours--


--, and for .everyHours() I'd like to write a Math.random function that allows it behave semi-randomly. Does anyone know if that would work, or if if everyHours will only take numbers? Thanks!

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I literally just realized that Fleetwood Mac are a) Back together b) Touring c) Coming to Toronto…

I literally just realized that Fleetwood Mac are a) Back together b) Touring c) Coming to Toronto October 18th Oh, my. I’ve been wondering for a while when I’d click over to that age bracket where the bands you want to see are only playing big venues, and…

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Been a little while since I’ve posted anything worth listening to, but with the upcoming release of Elliott Brood’s fifth (?) record Work And Love, I’ve been sort of keeping the first single on repeat for the last little while. “Jigsaw Heart” is a great…

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Right? Joel Hamilton (outta Charleston, SC) plays some lo-fi, raw-folk goodness. You can check out both Mechanical River two-track EP’s on Bandcamp

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Not sure if any of you guys have heard any of the new Weaves tracks yet, but here’s Buttercup. You should listen to it, probably definitely. Weaves’ new record is out March 4th. I will be purchasing it, maybe twice. Who knows?

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Boom, great news! Toronto avant-superstar Digits is releasing a new mixtape on February 18, on cassette. Time for me to dig out my old tape deck. And the car that it was installed in. Anyway, you can check out the first single from Shake Your Body Down…

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So, The Foreign Films (the supremely talented Hamilton-based Bill Majoros) have released a new ‘song cycle’ called “Fall Of The Summer Heart.” It’s honestly the perfect parting wave to summer, forlorn, melancholic and celebratory in turn, layered pieces…

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The new launched this morning and I would love to hear what you think!
We're pleased to announce our brand new look. Same compelling columns, comprehensive road tests and lots of beautiful photography. Welcome to the new Driving!

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You should check out Dawn of Midi. They're a live trance group, and they're Radiolab-approved. So, y'know, that's a plus.
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